5 Unique Toledo Engagement Photo Locations


Toledo is one of those cities that is big, yet small. Here are some of my favorite spots that are less traveled when it comes to a Toledo engagement session. Maybe you haven’t heard of some of these hidden gems!:

Marblehead Lighthouse

My absolute favorite spot for an engagement session in Ohio. It looks like a completely different spot other than Ohio! I love how stunning the views are here and I never get tired of the sunsets (who would?). Big rocks allow for lots of spots to climb and travel, there’s a great wooded area, and the lighthouse is iconic. Plan on coming before sunset for the best light. 


marblehead lighthouse sunset engagement picture

Alllll the downtowns

Outside of Downtown Toledo, Northwest Ohio has some wonderful locations with great downtowns like Perrysburg, Maumee, Grand Rapids, and Bowling Green. Get some cuteness in with those alleys and brick walls – I love them!

WW Knight

The most under-utilized park in all of Northwest Ohio (in my personal opinion). This park has amazing yellow flowers a few weeks out of the year and also has a great boardwalk and lots of gorgeous trees. There’s a great field too for sunset. 

Promenade Park

I don’t think Promenade Park is too “overdone” yet because I don’t see enough photos posted there of sessions. It’s a gorgeous piece of art right by the water and has great Downtown Toledo views. I love it. 


How cute and adorable would it be to just sit and enjoy your favorite beverage in a favorite place with a favorite someone? I loooove how cozy and fun these sessions are and some of my favorite places to execute them are Bar Louie, Rustbelt Coffee, and The Flying Joe. Use this too for bowling alleys, sports bars to cheer on your team, or whatever you two are passionate about together. For one of my couples, this was Natty Lights on their front porch and I had ZERO judgement and I was all for it. You be you!


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