All Black Engagement Photos with Smoke Bomb

When I first chatted with Courtney and Jonathan for their initial consultation to book me / meet them, we learned we live a few streets apart from one another. I heard their vision for their wedding day and then learned their vision for the engagement session too! What they had come up with was a twilight-inspired (time of day, not movie) session.

Always up for a challenge and wanting to try something refreshing and fun, telling you that I was thrilled about this was an understatement! Better yet, when Courtney started texting me outfit ideas and talking about rocking a black lip (which she totally did here), I remembered I had a leftover smoke bomb. We were unsure of its color, since I ordered them a few years back for another session, but we were excited when we got a black/gray one! To top it off, we had a hazy and muted sky for sunset and the moon and sky showed off for twilight.

What a fun night – I cannot wait for their wedding next year!

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