I had sooooooooooooo so much fun with Abby and Bret for their Clazel Wedding Photography mid-November! These two and their wedding party braved the cold, had lots of fun for the wedding party and portraits beforehand, and had a gorgeous art deco themed ceremony and reception at The Clazel. 

Abby and Bret went to high school together and had mutual friends, but never really met until he was a senior and Abby was a junior. They have been together since June 2010. A few days before their seventh year anniversary, the two were getting ready to go on a trip to a music festival in Cleveland. The two went on a walk beforehand and afterward, Bret asked if Abby wanted her anniversary gift early. While Abby was sitting on the couch Abby said, “he came out, mumbled some words that neither of us remembers, and got down on one knee and asked. I obviously said yes. I asked him if it was his plan to ask me while we were walking in the park. He said yes, but claimed that there were too many people there. To my knowledge, there was only one woman there playing with her dog.” The couple has a tradition to go back to that music festival every year.

Since the wedding was at The Clazel, an old theater in Bowling Green, Ohio, the pair incorporated some art deco inspiration and had empty green wine bottles on the tables. Abby also loves elephants, so some adorable little gold elephant candles were part of the centerpieces. The wedding colors were dark green, a wisteria purple, and gray. 

Abby and Bret’s friend Ellen was the officiant for the day. The indoor ceremony was short and sweet and the reception was an epic dance party filled with Backstreet Boys and lots of other fun songs! 

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Bride’s dress: Twirl
Ceremony and reception venue: Clazel

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