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Do I Need an Engagement Session?

I often get asked by couples if they even need an engagement session at all. So, do you need an engagement session?

YES. Okay, blog post complete! 

In all seriousness, you really do need an engagement session! I include one with every collection and even if a friend or family member is taking your and gifting you the session or you feel like you don’t want one, you should reconsider! They do not hold a cash value and cannot be subbed out, so why not put it to good use? Go out for dinner or drinks after! Treat yo self! 

My engagement sessions start at 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes, I will teach you posing and you will see how the three of us work together. Consider it a trial run of your wedding day. I’ll teach you the most flattering way to stand and pose and we will get you laughing and having fun. I may even get you crying! 

Some of my collections have longer engagement sessions, which allow for more photos, more outfits, kids in the sessions, pets in the sessions, or multiple locations. These are for the couple that wants save the dates, wall art, or more variety in their photos. Another reason I love to recommend the engagement session is that you’ll get some super nice professional photos of the two of you, which is pretty cool! You’ll have something other than a wedding dress super formal photo to look back on. 

So you might be asking yourself what you would do with the engagement photos to show them off at the wedding? I recommend getting a canvas collage printed or a photo book of your engagement photos. Your guests will love seeing your photos in person on the wedding day! 


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