How to Not Stress Out on Your Wedding Day

With a wedding day comes a lot of stress. I always get asked what some of my greatest advice is for a couple before the big day and among other things, I tell them not to sweat the small stuff. Because it’s the big stuff, like getting married and seeing family and friends, that matters!

Sit down beforehand and step by step think about what might stress you out

When it comes to your photos – be very clear on what you want and really sit down and think about things that might stress you out. I want to avoid those triggers! Are you scared of bugs and wanting outdoor photos in an area that will most likely have tons of them? Stay indoors! If your mom is going to stress you out all morning, get ready by yourself or have her come later. Just run through the day step by step and see what hurdles you might encounter so you can avoid them.

Think about how particular you are about your wedding dress getting dirty

Remember, if you do a first look prior to the wedding, we’ll most likely be outside for that. That means that your dress will touch the grass/ground. I won’t have you running through a muddy field before the ceremony, but you might encounter a little dirt. Don’t worry – it comes out in dry cleaning, I promise!


Spring and summer in the grass at a park means goose poop

If you’re considering a park in the spring or summer, there will be goose poop. Poop happens allllllll over parks. Bring some flats and we’ll help you avoid it as best as we can!

Let your photographer be the location scout and don’t have your heart set on a particular spot

Remember that I am at the mercy of the light, wind, and other weddings happening nearby. If it’s a super sunny day, the sun always needs to be at your backs for photos. You might have had your heart set on a particular location for family photos, but if the sun is in people’s eyes, it’s not going to be flattering and your guests will not be happy. Let us use our expertise and come up with the best solution for you – no need to stress yourself out! If there are other weddings at your venue and they’re in your spot – be patient! We’ll travel to another spot and double back there. It happens!

Remember to enjoy yourself

Remember that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You should look back on it feeling like it was a fun day and have it be filled with happy memories. Whether it’s cloudy when you wanted sun, your dress got a little dirty on the bottom, or your cake wasn’t exactly what you wanted – remember nobody but you will notice these things! Take a few deep breaths, have a shot, or kiss your PARTNER. It’s your wedding day!

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