Everyone will understand. Here are my thoughts *right now* about your June, July, or August wedding

Hey, friends. It’s currently April 29th and a lot has happened over the last month and a half, hasn’t it? Wedding plans are being turned on their heads and everyone is stressing, with good reason. I understand completely and, like you, I wish I had more answers. 

With Ohio getting all of these gold stars, a lot of people are turning to me for advice on what to do for their June. July, or August wedding, so I turned to my trusty space of choice when it comes to advice – my blog!

Ohio is set to have the Stay at Home order expire on May 1st for lots of businesses, with more to follow throughout the month and the order to be lifted at the end of May. While we aren’t entirely sure what that means the 14-ish days after the State reopens and if people will be socially distant, we can try and guess and have a positive outlook and talk about an ideal wedding situation in order to keep your wedding day.

First and foremost, I am not telling you to postpone your wedding and I am not telling you to keep your date. These are my thoughts and you need to think about your wedding as a whole. This is assuming, like most of my weddings this summer, you’ll have an outdoor ceremony with lots of room at the reception for guests to spread out and go outside. This is assuming not a lot of travel and not a lot of elderly guests or guests with health problems. This is assuming the best-case scenario. 

 Okay, on with the advice. So, with all of this in mind, I want you to be responsible. If wedding-sized gatherings are able to happen in the near future, you need to have more sanitation methods in place, a larger dance floor (if possible), served meals versus buffet, and forego a receiving line. Period. 

If the State starts allowing smaller groups by June. think about the pros and cons of keeping your date. You can have a smaller wedding and save money, you can keep all of your vendors, you can live stream the WHOLE event, worries others are having about their dresses season and style for summer versus postponing to winter are gone, same with bridesmaids dress colors.

Yes, you’ll have fewer guests if you’re able to keep your date with more distancing. Yes, it will be different than my previous 9 years of closeness and hugs and sweaty packed dance floor as I am packing up. But there is so much uncertainty about a second or third wave of this. I personally feel as though we know a little more now about the next month or two than we do about the next 6 months or so. Keep your original date, if it’s possible, and discuss a backup for a plan B with your venue and vendors.

Whatever you decide to do, everyone will understand. if you decide to cut your guest list to 50 or 75 and keep your original date, people will understand. If you have to live stream for them, they will understand, if you postpone, they will understand. It seems cliche to say, but we truly are all in this together, even though our stories are different. Your wedding guests love you and will be there for you no matter the decision you make. Respect their decisions to come or not come, as they are respecting your choices as well. Only you can decide what to do, whether you stay or postpone, but know that your vendors are there for you no matter what.

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