Discover the Best Photo Locations in Toledo, Ohio

As a wedding photographer with over 400 weddings under my belt, I get to see a lot of different photo locations in the Toledo area. I wanted to make a comprehensive list of the best spots, unique spots, and indoor spots in order to give you the best Toledo photo location guide around!

Here are my top 4 favorite spots:

  1. Side Cut
  2. Middlegrounds Park
  3. Oak Openings
  4. Maumee Bay

Here are my favorite Toledo Metroparks for photos:

Middlegrounds Park

Middlegrounds is a beautiful park located super close to downtown Toledo. It provides such a beautiful backdrop with a gorgeous bridge, a hill with great sunset views, and a lot of Toledo charm. It’s close to a lot of downtown Toledo wedding venues such as Toledo Club, The Venues, Registry Bistro, and Renaissance Downtown Toledo Hotel. It’s a wonderful location when it comes to engagement or wedding photos in Toledo.

Here’s a guide to all the best spots at Middlegrounds Park

Toledo Botanical Garden

Toledo Botanical Garden is a beautiful location to have a wedding or to go for your wedding photos. This park is centrally located and is a great connector spot to go for portraits in between a ceremony and reception. I also photograph a lot of engagement sessions here, but I do warn people, Saturday afternoons and evenings in October are way too crowded due to family sessions, engagement sessions, and Prom photos. I stick to other places on these October days!

Here is a full wedding (ceremony and reception at Toledo Botanical Garden).

Here is a Toledo Botanical Garden location guide with my top TBG spots!


SO MUCH LAND. SO MANY GOOD SPOTS. I never get tired of the scenery here and there are acres and acres to share. There are so many good trails, two entrances, and anything from a covered bridge to a great field. You’ll love it here for your Toledo wedding photos or engagement photos. 

Here is a guide of my favorite locations at Wildwood Park

Oak Openings

A very popular location for both engagement and wedding photos. This spot is popular for venues farther outside of Toledo, such as The Stables, but is also a great spot if you have a break in between your ceremony and reception and are a fan of the outdoors. I love the tall trees in a location known as “The Spot” and everything else this stunning Metropark offers.

Here is a wedding ceremony at Evergreen Lake at Oak Openings.

Here is a photo guide of my absolute top Oak Openings locations!

Side Cut Park

Side Cut Park features a channel with an occasional waterfall, lush greenery, water, a popular bridge, and an amazing walk-out rock/water area called the Maumee River Ledges. I adore it at Side Cut, but avoid the popular spots and go more off the beaten path. Sunrises here are to die for.

Here are my favorite Side Cut photo locations

Here are my favorite unique spots for photos in Toledo:

Toledo Museum of Art

Beautiful indoors as well as outdoors, Toledo Museum of Art is a very classic and elegant option for your photos. I love the marble steps located outdoors as well as the Glass Pavilion for a great indoor spot. You’re always taking a risk here on a Saturday – there will be party busses lining the street and there are only a few sets of marble steps to share. My advice? Have your heart set on the Toledo Art Museum if you love it, but have a backup plan or don’t have your heart set on the steps (especially if your wedding is in May, June, September, or October). There are plenty more options at this gorgeous location! 

Marblehead Lighthouse

My absolute favorite spot for an engagement session in Ohio. It looks like a completely different spot other than Ohio! I love how stunning the views are here and I never get tired of the sunsets (who would?). Big rocks allow for lots of spots to climb and travel, there’s a great wooded area, and the lighthouse is iconic. Plan on coming before sunset for the best light. It’s a little bit of a drive from Toledo, so your photographer might have travel fees for this spot.

Maumee Bay

With beautiful views for both sunrise and sunset, Maumee Bay is a beach that transforms you to a different place. I love it when my couples get in the water at the end of a session, it is so romantic. This is one of my absolute favorite places and along with a beach, there are rocks and a field with tall grass. 

Promenade Park

I love the area down by Imagination Station, the Promedica building, and over at Promenade Park. Promenade Park is a small but gorgeous piece of art right by the water and has great Downtown Toledo views. It makes for a good loop for us to do for photo spots!

The best indoor locations for Toledo area photos:

A Bar or Coffee Shop

How cute and adorable would it be to just sit and enjoy your favorite beverage in a favorite place with a favorite someone? I loooove how cozy and fun these sessions are and some of my favorite places to execute them are Bar Louie, Rustbelt Coffee, and The Flying Joe. Use this too for bowling alleys, sports bars to cheer on your team, or whatever you two are passionate about together. For one of my couples, this was Natty Lights on their front porch and I had ZERO judgment and I was all for it. You be you!

Nazareth Hall

Obviously, Nazareth Hall is gorgeous for just viewing with your eyeballs, but to take photos in here is such a treat! Now, remember, it goes without saying, but BEFORE you decide to make the drive to Grand Rapids and take some engagement photos here, you better be calling them to make sure they don’t have a major event, they will be open, and that it is OKAY that you are there. Naz Hall is super busy all the time and has plenty of events year-round and even on weekdays. So be nice and call them, okay?!

Here’s a bunch of weddings at Nazareth Hall if you’re interested in learning more.

Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion

The Glass Pavilion at TMA has amazing natural light and is perfect for a wedding or an engagement session. We need to be mindful of the art as well as the weekend classes, but I love the backdrop this location provides. It’s great for smaller wedding parties and couples photos and the chandelier work of art at the entrance is a show-stopper. They have short hours, so keep that in mind. You can also walk across the street to the marble steps, which are outdoors, but enclosed and protect you from the elements.

Toledo Zoo

The greenhouse/conservatory at the Toledo Zoo is an awesome choice! I just love the zoo’s conservatory and it is beautiful. Call ahead for permission a few days in advance and you’ll probably have to pay zoo admission for yourself and your photographer as well (but it’s allll worth it!). Another zoo spot you can go to is the Aquarium, which never disappoints!

I hope you enjoyed this Toledo engagement and wedding photo location guide!

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