Hilton Garden Inn Outdoor Ceremony

After a stressful and chaotic 2020 (and a crazy rainy original wedding date), July 3, 2021 was the wedding round 2 Christine and Justin were looking for! Their August 1, 2020 wedding ceremony was small and took place in a cramped tunnel to avoid the downpours, much different than their original plans of way more guests and an outdoor ceremony. So, as you can imagine, when this year rolled around with more guests and no rain, they were thrilled!

The pair met on a snowy day in January 2018 (thanks Bumble!). They had been talking for a few days and Justin finally worked up the courage to ask Christine out. Their original date was set for the day prior, however, there was a snowstorm and the roads were very bad. Luckily, the snow stopped and they met the next day instead. After meeting, they both knew it was something special. Christine knew she was immediately interested in Justin when she first saw him at the bar at J Alexander’s drinking a glass of red wine. After dinner, the couple decided to keep the night going and head over to the Toledo casino. Luck was on their side, and they ended up winning $600. From then, they were basically inseparable. Later that year, Justin found out he was matched in Cincinnati for residency and Christine took a leap of faith and moved to Cincinnati with him.

Justin decided early on that he wanted to propose and that Christine’s birthday weekend in May of 2019 would be the perfect time when they had plans to celebrate in downtown Cincinnati. He couldn’t wait and popped the question a week early in their home in Mason after a dinner out. Christine said, “it was perfect and a great surprise.”

Their wedding featured lots of greenery and lighting. There was a beautiful backdrop with twinkle lights and twinkle lights on the ceiling along with greenery and chandeliers. It all looked so romantic and elegant in the ballroom at Hilton Garden Inn.

Congratulations, Christine and Justin! You did it!

Hairstylist and makeup artist – Shamas Salon and Spa
Venue – Hilton Garden Inn
Officiant – Tom Martin (family friend)
Florist – Beautiful Blooms by Jen
Videographer – Fordham Footage
DJ – Decorative Sound
Cake – Estons
Decor – Mager Designs
Invitations – Minted
Wedding attire – Belle Amour, Birdy Grey & Generation Tux
Rings – James Allen & Hitched

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