How to help your struggling wedding vendors *right now*

In the midst of COVID-19, the wedding industry is one of the hardest-hit industries with the smallest amount of recognition right now. The wedding industry is a 74 billion a year industry and outside of loan options such as SBA and PPP, the only attempt at any form of help has been The Knot, a business generating 160 million dollars a year, deciding that they were going to cover half of my advertising for 2 months.

I know I am not alone in saying this is going to be a bumpy next 2 years. I do not expect to recover for the effects of 2020 until 2022, and that is being optimistic. 2020 weddings are moving to 2021 Saturday’s, forcing me to take less paying weddings in 2021. This will translate to tens of thousands of dollars in loss. If 2021 ends up being booked with 2020 couples, that’s going to force 2021 couples to really consider just having a 2022 wedding.


I have been having lots of people ask how they can help, and here are some suggestions on how to help your wedding vendors out right now: 

*Note: These will have my specific links, so be sure to ask your vendors for theirs!


Are you a past couple?

  • Leave a review on The Knot, Wedding Wire, AND Google! Has one of you already filled a review out? Have your partner fill it out, or your mom! To qualify for awards, we need 10 reviews a year and this year I am scared that will not happen. I have received awards for 5 years straight.
  • Can you order any products through your photographer for your home? Prints, canvases, or albums? Can you go back and support your cake designer or florist right now? Get to-go food from your caterer?
  • Share your vendors praise on social media. Maybe do a post about how you’re thankful for them or feature a new vendor each day. Post some photos of their work and tag them. That could lead to some new couples for them!


Are you a past/current couple and your friend just got engaged?

  • More than ever, we need your referrals to ensure we stay in business.


Are you a current couple?:

  • Can you pay for any part of your wedding now to show your support and stress that you’re not canceling? If you moved later in the year or to 2021, can you pay your balance on your originally scheduled payment date (for me that is 30 days before). 


Are you a couple thinking of moving?

  • Can you move to later in 2020 versus 2021 so your vendor can try and operate as normally as possible in 2021 and try and stay in business? Can you move to a Friday or Sunday? If you choose to move to 2021, can you book a Jan – April or Nov or Dec Saturday wedding OR a Friday or Sunday  2021 date so your vendor can try and operate as normally as possible?


Are you a past couple, current couple, or just a superfan?

  • Is your wedding vendor selling shirts on Jupmode or somewhere else? Do they have gift cards you can purchase?
  • Can you share them on your Facebook as someone you love and support?
    Here’s how to invite all your friends to like your page:
    1. Go to their Facebook Fan Page.
    2. On the right-hand side, under Community, click on “invite your friends to like this page
    3. A pop up will appear, click on “Select All
    4. Lastly, click “Send invites


You have no idea how much your contributions and help means to small businesses right now. You won’t hear Amazon personally thanking you and crying tears of relief, but you will from us. 

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