How to Prepare for Any Weather at Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Weather is unpredictable, but you can be prepared for anything with these tips:

Get a backup plan

Like, I’m not even kidding. Don’t pass go. Don’t collect $100 until you have a secure backup plan in mind. If COVID taught us one thing, it’s to have a backup plan. The peace of mind you’ll get by having that is worth the couple hundred you might spend reserving something and not using it.

Think about another space or create one

Some ideas for backup plans are a tent on the grounds at your venue, a second location at your reception venue that wasn’t your first pick but is most certainly going to be a better bet than rain or a location close to the venue that’s easily accessible so your guests can be moved easily and not be late to your ceremony. Sometimes these are last-minute changes if the forecast looks confusing so prepare some signs or have someone stay back to redirect guests to their new ceremony space.

Embrace the weather

Maybe you’re one of the rare couples that INVITE rain into their day. You don’t care if it happens, might think it’s cool or good luck, or have seen those viral videos where the couple gets married in the crazy rain with umbrellas and it’s just pure awesomeness. That’s great! I totally recommend making your guests aware so they’re dressed properly no matter what and either bring umbrellas or realize aesthetically you want to have your own (like a wedding color or clear umbrellas) and that you will be providing them.

Remember that when it all comes down to it, the day is about your MARRIAGE, not the WEATHER. It might have not been your dream ideal perfect day, but it was your day and how you handle some unforeseen weather is what makes or breaks how you feel the entire time. Enjoy your wedding, no matter what!

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