How to Relax on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! You plan this day for months and months, stressing about every detail, only to realize the next day how quickly it went by! It really is wild how time flies that day and how much you won’t remember. You can be present and enjoy your day!

Here is how to relax on your wedding day:

Have a low-key morning

An easy day starts with a low-key morning. The fewer people that are around and the less you have to do, the better. Keep food and drinks flowing (but don’t drink too much alcohol earlier in the day) and be sure to leave plenty of space between your hair and makeup and the ceremony start time. It’s better to get to the ceremony venue and have some time to relax and hang out with your friends and family than it is to rush around and barely make it on time.

Delegate your tasks

I repeat, DELEGATE YOUR TASKS. You shouldn’t have to do it all! Have your mom, dad, coordinator, MOH, bridesmaids, or someone else help you! Whether it’s setting up for a reception, tying ribbons on chairs, picking something up, or remembering something important…it’s best to delegate. You’ll have a million things come up between the time you wake up that day until late into the reception, so the more people can help you, the easier your day will be!

Enjoy your time together, alone

Take a moment together with your partner – just the two of you. It sounds silly, but you’re surrounded by so many people on the wedding day. You’ll need help going to the bathroom in your dress, your photographers are up your nose photographing all day, and guests are coming up to you all day to congratulate you. Whether it’s after the first look, after the ceremony, or after dinner, just disappear for a minute. We’ll help you add that into your timeline and you’ll appreciate the moment alone.

Enjoy seeing everyone together in one space

After dinner, take a serious look around and soak it all in. Your dream came to life and you threw a hell of a party! So many people showed up and you’re so in love with how your cake turned out and your friend from 2 time zones overcame to surprise you. Just talk together and appreciate those things.

Actually enjoy the things you purchased that your guests get to

Have a photo booth? Cake? Dessert bar? ENJOY THEM. Actually eat your meal, actually get a drink at the bar (or ask us to get you one) and take some photos in the booth! You paid all this money for these things and many couples tell us they never experienced them! I know I wish I took more time at my own reception to do those things.

Ask for help and trust the process

Finally, know the wedding professionals you choose will help you in any way. Trust them and appreciate them. Whether it’s bustling your dress, grabbing something out of your car, handing you a tissue, or grabbing you a drink, we always have your back!

Sneak away for sunset

If you’re in need of a break, sneak away for sunset photos! It’s the perfect excuse to get some fresh air and spend time together.

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