How to Trash Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

I want to teach you the proper way to trash your dress and a suit if you follow these blog tips.

Trashing a dress doesn’t have to be like the viral Pinterest photos you see where a bride is lighting her dress on fire or jumping off of a cliff into the water. When you “trash” your dress, it’s typically just a session outside of your normal wedding day to get some more portraits done!

Trash the dress sessions typically involve water and a couple getting wet, but you get to decide if it’s photos for the session are all in and you’re getting soaked by the end or just some additional photos in a park setting or somewhere for the sole benefit of more portraits. Trash the dress photos can also mean more creativity from the photographer if you have a short timeline and more artsy photos for you to look at down the road. 

Benefits to a trash the dress or day after session are that you’re on less of a time crunch and you’re able to have better control of the weather and time of day (if you want sunset, for example). You can be less stress and feel great on the wedding day knowing that you will have another opportunity to get photos if your time runs short or just so that you can enjoy more of your wedding day and worry about some of the great portraits after. 

So I bet you’re asking how to go about getting those photos! Here are my top tips on how to trash your dress:

  • Get insurance on the suit. It covers any water that comes in contact with the suit. 
  • Dry clean your dress after the session. It’s just dirt and water! It’ll go away!
  • Remember that you already wore the dress for the wedding. It lasted for your wedding day photos. Get as much use out of it as you can!
  • You don’t have to actually trash your dress! It’s still your dress and can always be your dress. 

nazareth hall wedding photo in elevator


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