How to Trust your Wedding Photographer

wedding photos at maumee bay

I know, I know. I am hitting you HARD with a blog about trust. But let me tell you, you NEED to have trust that your photographer will capture all of the moments you need them to and you need to let go of control a bit. Read on to learn how to let go and trust your wedding photographer!

wedding photos at maumee bay

You won’t always be in control of your wedding day

Control can be so hard to let go of, but when you have total control over a day, you lose sight of what’s right in front of you – your partner in their wedding attire! Think about the day for a moment – you’re looking at them as they walk down the aisle and you have the biggest smile on your face. Don’t let total control take that away from you! Moments with your family and friends and all the family groups? Trust an experienced professional (or two is better, a wedding coordinator and a photographer) has it taken care of. 

Know what you like and don’t like for wedding photos, but don’t go Pinterest crazy

Have a concept of what you like, but don’t go full Pinterest board with an entire list of poses. You hired your photographer most likely due to their skill and the photos you saw on their website, and hopefully, those photos were created without a Pinterest board open on their phone. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Pinterest board for visual ideas of how your day will look and it can be VERY helpful when someone says, for example, that they like “romantic photos” because that can 100% mean different things to different people. I love being able to understand the day better and get a little glimpse into your overall vision. 

Don’t hold back – be in the moment!

I find when people hold back and don’t get 100% comfortable in front of the camera, that barrier shows up through the lens. There is only so much I can do to make you relaxed and laughing and having fun, the rest is a wall that you’re putting up. Remove that wall, whether it is drinks with your photographer and you sharing your fears, opening up about recent weight gain preventing you from loving yourself, or explaining how much you hate your mother-in-law. Trust me, unloading some of that if it means feeling a closer and stronger connection with your photographer is totally worth it! 


If you hired a professional, you should have nothing to worry about. Their legal business, insurance, back up gear, experience photographing weddings, and ability to be able to shoot during crazy Ohio weather should make them more than qualified to handle your wedding day! 


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