I think you should postpone your April or May 2020 Wedding. Here’s why:



This is absolutely heartbreaking to sit here and write this out, BUT I WANTED TO SHARE IT ALL WITH YOU GUYS.

Wedding season for me and most of Ohio typically starts in May. Typically being the keyword because right here mine starts March 21, 2020 – as in this weekend. I have the most weddings I have ever had this spring between March, April, and May. Ever.

I had weddings scheduled for 3/28, 4/11, 4/26, 5/8, and 5/22 that have already moved. If my other couples follow the CDC guidelines for 8 weeks out, my 5/2 and 5/9 couples will move. 

Currently, it is projected that coronavirus cases are expected to continue increasing until July. I pray that the warmer weather and people staying home to flatten the curve also help this end sooner.

I know there has been a lot of quietness from the wedding industry. Some of this is because cancellations, quite frankly, will bankrupt many of our companies. And let me say this – avoiding cancellations is the only way to save some of these businesses, mine included. But let’s get this straight – I am 100% there for my current couples. I would NEVER. EVER. leave you guys in the dark. I would be there for ANY AND ALL of your weddings. 


It’s the week of your wedding. Your venue/caterer ordered the food. The florist ordered the flowers. The baker ordered the ingredients for your cake.

If we then hit a lockdown, all of these things will need to be purchased again and, likely, at your own cost. You chose to move forward, so those items were purchased.

That can literally add thousands to your already expensive wedding bill.

Of course, if none of the above happens then great – go get married, you risk-taker! Also, if you already got your marriage license, by all means, go get married still while the certificate is valid. Have a super small official ceremony and if possible, do it outdoors. But do it all over again soon – create new and BETTER memories by having the full experience down the road! 


As a professional in the wedding industry, this is 100% what I’d advise right here and now. If you’re due to get married in April or May – I’d have an open dialogue with your venue and vendors, like, right now. Because other people are also doing that with your venues and vendors and farther out 2020 dates are going away. I have 2 summer weekends that are now triple booked, a policy I always strictly said no to and always enforced. But now, there are only so many weekends that will be left in the year.

If you’re getting married in September or later this year, let those couples that are DIRECTLY IMPACTED, like the next 2 months impacted, have their time to voice their concerns right now. 

All of your vendors will do everything in their power to help you find a new date that suits everyone. Postpone, still have your dream day, just when it’s safer and your guests are at less of a risk. You shouldn’t be cheated out of this experience. 

At all times, keep an open and clear dialogue with everyone involved in your wedding! Whenever your wedding happens, it is going to make all of this worth it!

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