I think you should postpone your April or May 2020 Wedding. Here’s why:

I am so impressed by the support and feedback I received on this post! This post was originally scheduled in March 2020 about how you should postpone your April or May 2020 wedding, and all of my April and May couples chose to postpone theirs due to Ohio’s stay at home order.

I am now starting to get into my “wedding season” for this summer, even though things look a little different for me. My first ceremony was in early June 2020 and I also had a mid-June 2020 ceremony and reception.

Things have obviously changed so much since March, but I wanted to update this post since I am still getting asked what to do. And here are my 2 cents, so you can take them or leave them. 

My couples that are choosing to keep their date are having much smaller and intimate weddings, and they’re mostly all okay with that. There is still dancing, there is still great food, things just look a little different. Most of my weddings for July and August have leveled out since mid June. Those couples understand things will be a little different, but are opting to prioritize their marriage over their reception and dancing. Many tell me they have waited years to get married, and COVID cannot stop them. They’ll just keep lowering their guest count, but it will be the date as usual.

I hope this helps! This post is being revised 7/5/20 and I will try and update it occasionally when things change more and more for fall!