Lessons learned from Coronavirus as a wedding photographer

Obviously, this time in our lives is just absolutely insane. As a mom, wedding photographer, and okay human, there are a few things I have learned from this time of crisis:

The people You love matter so damn much.

Do not take them for granted. Let them cope and heal from this however they need to. check on them and make sure they are safe. If your wedding is moved to later this year and they are still uncertain about coming, it’s okay. Their worries are valid. Remember that if you need to move to a Friday or Sunday, your friends and family are going to understand and be supportive. They’re just happy at this point your wedding celebrations can go on! I promise!

You shouldn’t go into debt over your wedding.

If we all have learned anything at all from this other than to wash our hands more, it is that you might not make money for scary amounts of time and toilet paper is a new currency. Your wedding is not the time to take out a loan, it is not the time to accumulate $50,000 in credit card debt. You should save, get married a few years down the road if budget is a concern, and plan for some unexpected bumps. And ask for help from parents or grandparents who are willing and able to help.

getting married matters – not the date. not the circumstances.

Remember that cutesy date you picked? That last Saturday your venue had open for the rest of the year that you immediately booked and did a happy dance for? Choosing a date and your dream wedding photographer being open too? Remember those feelings, but remember that NOTHING else matters other than the reason you got engaged, being married to your soulmate! Roll with the punches, sis.

IT’S okay to take a break sometimes.

Coronavirus is teaching us that we need to sometimes slow down, go on a walk, and just be alone. I tell my couples all the time, it’s okay to take wedding planning breaks for your health. It’s also okay to take them if you’re not wedding planning.

(non-wedding related – a 3-month emergency savings is not enough anymore)

Personal financial thoughts here. When this mess is over, 3 months of savings is NOT ever going to be enough. Especially as a mom providing for her family as a self-employed person with no health insurance or 401k or benefits. Just throwing that out here for anyone else eating canned tuna and soup and ramen during these rough and scary times!


Currently very thankful as someone who is not working/getting paid at all until at least June to live in a house we can still afford, even during scary times.