Saturday was a beautiful fall day for a wedding! Mariah and Keegan celebrated with the closest of friends and family at a beautiful backyard affair. The ceremony and reception both took place in the backyard with a first look beforehand down the street at The Spot at Oak Openings. The wedding was romantic and intimate and featured colors of dusty blue, cream, and gray. Both of the couple’s young children got to witness the event right there with them. 

Mariah and Keegan met wayyyy back in 4th grade. Mariah had moved to a new town and said Keegan, “was just a boy in my class. His mom swears that whenever someone new started at the school, Keegan would just say some “new girl” or some “new boy” started. But that when I started, he specifically remembered me by name. We were just friends until senior year of high school. I was going through a rough time in my private life and he was my literal shoulder to cry on. After that, we saw each other in a different light.”

As far as the proposal story goes, Keegan said, “Mariah had just finished 3 night shifts at the hospital and was also taking care of our eldest daughter during the day. (She’s my hero) I only mention that because if she hadn’t been tired I don’t think I could have pulled any of it off, she would have asked more questions and figured something about the day out. At the time we were living in Raleigh NC, I worked for the City of Raleigh and convinced Mariah that I had an employee appreciation event at the Museum of Art. There was obviously not an event when we arrived, the museum wasn’t even open that day of the week, I thought she was figuring out that something was going on. I had to fake text someone from work to figure out what was going on. I was actually texting our photographer to see if the space I wanted to propose in was clear. Thankfully it was and I somehow convinced Mariah this event was happening. We walked to the outdoor exhibit and I can’t say that I remember how I convinced her to look at it. I’m sure she thought I was crazy, but that’s when I knelt and proposed. Once I had popped the question and she had said yes, even more to her surprise was that Mariah’s mom was there for it all, as well that the weird photographer who had been taking “nature pictures“ was actually there to photograph the whole event.

To end the night, we snuck away from the party a bit to take some sunset photos and a hot air balloon prepared to land at the most perfect time. It was a perfect celebration and I was so happy to be a part of it! Mariah had met me 3 years prior when I was chatting with a friend who was engaged looking for a photographer. She remembered/liked me enough to contact me 3 years later – with a full wedding being planned in 35 days – and I just happened to have her date available! It was meant to be! 

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Florist: Wood Flowers Co
Cake: Village Patisserie