Nazareth Hall Wedding Guide

Everything you need to know about planning a wedding at Nazareth Hall, one of the most beautiful Toledo wedding venues!

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After ten years as a Toledo wedding photographer, I’ve put together one of the most comprehensive guides to Nazareth Hall weddings and ceremonies, just for you. This Grand Rapids, Ohio wedding venue is one you will definitely want to check out for your ceremony, reception, or both.

Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about having a wedding at Nazareth Hall? Great! Let’s get started!

Why Nazareth Hall is one of my favorite Toledo wedding venues:

There are many wedding venues in Toledo, but not many of them have the history AND the views that Nazareth Hall brings! Each room of Nazareth Hall is completely different from the next, which makes this a wedding venue you won’t want to miss checking out. Set up a tour in person and view the grounds yourself or go to their website and take a virtual tour of the space.

I personally am at Nazareth Hall the most out of any venue every year – around 5-7 times a year. I have done probably close to 50 weddings here and know the space VERY well. 


Here are some top reasons Nazareth Hall should be considered for your wedding:

  • Multiple ceremony and reception spaces for you to choose from
  • My absolute favorite outdoor ceremony location, The Grotto!
  • A family-owned venue and caring staff
  • You can dress up the venue or let it speak for itself
  • It’s very affordable!
wedding party outside at nazareth hall

Who is Nazareth Hall a perfect wedding venue for?


  • love a great family-owned business
  • are into a venue with a rich history and lots of charm
  •  are okay with sharing their venue (Nazareth Hall is very popular and has multiple weddings a day!)
  • need handicap accessibility for them or their guests

Where can I have my wedding ceremony at Nazareth Hall?

The Grotto is a charming outdoor rock sculpture modeled after the grotto in Lourdes, France and is absolutely unique to the area. It’s right out of a fairytale and easily my favorite outdoor ceremony spot in the city. For your wedding ceremony, the Grotto seats up to 300 guests. With the Grotto being outside, a big question I commonly hear is what to do if it rains. Luckily, Nazareth has plenty of options! If it rains and the Chapel is available and you like it, you’re able to use it. If the Chapel is taken, you still have your beautiful reception space to use. If you like the idea of an indoor ceremony and do not want to use your reception space, check into having one room for your ceremony and one for your reception. This is totally doable with some planning!

The Chapel is located inside on the second floor and can seat up to 220 guests. It features elegant original stained glass windows and wooden pews. You can dress this space up or down with decor and it is non-denominational, so anyone can get married there.

You can also have your ceremony out on the lawn at Ladyglen! It has stunning views!

What are Nazareth Hall's reception spaces?

For receptions, Ladyglen Ballroom seats the most with up to 300 guests. Featuring split seating with an upstairs with a perfect view of the floor below, your guests will dine in style as they watch you from above. It’s the most popular space I photograph in and you have lots of options with Ladyglen such as a cocktail hour right outside the back doors (you can even set up some yard games!), quick access to the property for some quick sunset photos, and close access to the parking lot. Don’t forget those amazing string lights to set the mood for your dances.

Cadet West comes in second for capacity with up to 200 guests. Featuring a jaw-dropping amount of original stained-glass windows and marble columns. This room is so elegant and is filled with natural light and is located on the first floor.

Finally, Gabriel Ballroom seats up to 150 of your favorite humans. It is located on the second floor directly across from the chapel, which makes it the perfect spot for couples who have a smaller wedding and want to jump from one event to the other. 

Does Nazareth Hall allow outside catering?

Outside alcohol and catering are not allowed at Nazareth Hall, but you are able to bring in outside desserts.

Does Nazareth Hall have any getting ready spaces?

Heck yeah they do! Lots!

If your ceremony and reception are both occurring at this historical Grand Rapids wedding venue, your bridal suite is complimentary. Additional suites or suites when your reception only occurs at Nazareth Hall are also available for an extra fee. You can choose to just get dressed here or you can opt to have your hair and makeup artists travel here for your convenience.

Does Nazareth Hall come with a coordinator?

Each couple receives a hostess for their wedding day. That hostess arrives 2 hours before your ceremony begins and stays through the necessary parts of your reception. They are there with you to help fluff your train, keep you on track, and help line you up for introductions and teach you how to cut your cake. The hostesses are amazing, but they are venue coordinators, not wedding coordinators. It’s highly recommended you have someone there as a wedding coordinator that is your own personal help that day, since the venue coordinators are behind the scenes a lot helping the parts of the day go smoothly from many angles. Both a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator working for you makes your day absolutely flawless. 

The best outdoor spots for Nazareth Hall portraits

Some of my favorite outdoor spots for Nazareth Hall portraits are out front of the building, over to the side of Ladyglen, The Grotto, and the trees over to the side of the Grotto.

What are the best indoor spaces for Nazareth Hall portraits?

For indoor spaces, the elevator, tall chairs over by Cadet West, Chapel, and staircase are my favorite spots. I also love to sneak outside underneath the main front door of Nazareth Hall since it’s covered and the couple is protected from the elements.

Do you want to get married at Nazareth Hall?

If you’re ready to plan your wedding at Nazareth Hall, I would love to help you capture the big day!

You’ll love it here! Get in touch and let’s make it happen.