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Engaged and thinking about a wedding in Downtown Toledo?
You’ll definitely want to check out Registry Bistro for an industrial wedding venue in Toledo!

Why do I love Registry Bistro?

Registry Bistro is a blank slate and I love the industrial look and feel of this venue! You can dress it up with lights and even draping as well and there are so many options to customize, such as a feature wall for your ceremony and reception.

Registry Bistro is perfect for couples that:

  • Want  a venue all to themselves (Registry does 1 wedding per day)
  • Love the exposed ceiling and industrial vibe Registry offers.
  • Love and appreciate art. There is art throughout the building and cocktail hour takes place inside a small art gallery.
  • Have room in their budget for a wedding coordinator (you will want one here!)
  • Are foodies and LOVE a good meal. Registry serves family style and while it takes a bit longer, it is DELICIOUS!
  • Want a 1 stop shop for their ceremony and reception venue.

How many guests can Registry Bistro hold?

The maximum capacity is 250 guests inside the Secor Ballroom at Registry Bistro.

What does a wedding ceremony look like at Registry Bistro?

Wedding ceremonies at Registry Bistro take place inside the Secor Ballroom, which is also where the guests are for the reception. After you’re officially married, the ballroom closes to your guests and they are directed to cocktail hour inside Secor Gallery, where they are able to view artwork and sip on drinks while your photos are taken. I highly recommend a first look and taking all portraits including as many family photos as you can before the ceremony begins since they are flipping the room from ceremony to reception during cocktail hour.

What does a wedding reception look like at Registry Bistro?

Receptions at Registry Bistro occur immediately after the ceremony and cocktail hour. The room is flipped during cocktail hour and guests will be allowed back in when salads are ready to be served and introductions are about to be made.

Is parking free at Registry Bistro?

There is minimal street parking or parking lot parking, which is an additional fee. Your guests can also opt to park valet.

Does Registry Bistro allow outside catering?

Since Registry Bistro is first and foremost a restaurant, they do not allow outside catering or alcohol. They do allow outside desserts to be brought in.

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