Looking to take photos at Side Cut Park in Maumee Ohio? I have the perfect guide to direct you to those must-see spots from this OG Metropark! Did you know Side Cut is the first Metropark ever created?

Where is Side Cut Park located?

Side Cut Park is located in Maumee, Ohio on River Road, close to Uptown Maumee. There are entrances located on both sides of the park depending on what sort of look you are going for. 

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My favorite spots to take photos at Side Cut Park:

Silver Lake Area

The Peninsula by the Willow Trees

A little bit of a hike past some goose droppings and kayaks (wear close-toed shoes at this park) is a beautiful peninsula that is completely secluded and beautiful year-round. It is my favorite spot here. 

The Canal Locks/Channel

Unique in its look, this is a popular spot during weekends in the fall, especially when photographers decide to set up a whole backdrop and use the entire space for mini sessions…

For that reason, I love to photograph at Sidecut during the weekdays when there are fewer crowds and fewer waits to take a photo at popular locations there. 


The Maumee River Ledges

I don’t officially *know* if this is a part of Sidecut, but it’s beautiful and close by? 

A short car ride from Silver Lake is a few trails that take you down into this space that doesn’t even look like Ohio! I LOVE it! I’ve been coming here since I was a kid – it’s amazing for sunrise and sunset photos!

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