sunrise maumee bay engagement session

Sunrise Engagement Session at Maumee Bay State Park

It’s not often that I get to wake up super early and do a sunrise engagement photo but man, do I love them so much. My favorite times (and arguably the best times) to photograph are sunrise and sunset when that golden light is just so flattering and perfect. Who doesn’t like watching that sun go up or down and seeing that breathtaking sky? I love that’s just a big perk of my job to be out there to see it all the time. 

Erin and Corey wanted a morning session and requested to have their photos taken on a beach. Maumee Bay was a perfect spot to capture these guys together being so cute and adorable! 

Corey is a State Trooper and it was really fun to incorporate his badge into a few of their engagement photos. With that perfect sun, we really had some fun together! I cannot wait for their wedding this November. It’s going to be great! 

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