The Armory Arts Wedding Info and Guide

Engaged and thinking about a rustic wedding in Toledo?
You’ll definitely want to check out The Armory!

Why do I love The Armory?

The elegant yet rustic reception vibes, eclectic decor, and AMAZING suite for you and your bridesmaids to stay in pre-wedding make this unforgettable. Not too far from Toledo/Maumee/Perrysburg/or Bowling Green.

The Armory is perfect for couples that:

  • Want a venue all to themselves (The Armory does 1 wedding per day)
  • Love the exposed ceiling and industrial vibe Registry offers.
  • Love and appreciate the eclectic, fun decor, especially in the Commander’s Suite.
  • Love reasonable prices (my couple’s tell me this venue is well worth the money!)
  • Need a wheelchair accessible venue (there is an elevator)
  • Don’t want to reach out to vendors for chairs, tables, and decor (The Armory provides and has a lot of items for you)
  • Want to bring their own catering and choose their own meal!

How many guests can The Armory hold?

The maximum capacity is 320 guests inside the Commander Suite at The Armory.

Where can I have my reception at The Armory?

The Drill Room

To see getting ready photos and reception photos from a real wedding at The Armory, click here!

Where can I get ready for my wedding at The Armory?

Commander’s Suite

There is a suite, located above the reception space, known as The Commander’s Suite. You can rent it on Airbnb here. It has a 50’s style kitchen, shower with star ceiling, bicycle vanity, and so much more. It is my favorite getting-ready location BY FAR in the entire Toledo area!

Basement space

There is also a large lower-level space (where cocktail hour can occur and a getting ready space for hair and makeup) that includes a small kitchen, bed, dining area, and the main restrooms for the venue.

Thinking about a wedding at The Armory? You’ll love it!

Be sure to get in touch with them by calling 419-592-4999

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