The Barn at Walnut Creek is an amazing barn venue in Findlay, Ohio. They offer tables and Chiavari chairs, indoor restrooms, air conditioning, a bridal suite, and can hold up to 250 of your wedding guests.

Isabel and Kevin’s February wedding had the perfect amount of snow for their winter day at The Barn at Walnut Creek! These two planned a wedding in a few quick months after Isabel got her orders for military training. The couple thought they’d leave in the summer but adapted quickly after getting the news about Isabel’s training. The two met through Army ROTC at the University of Toledo. They were not very close during the first two years of knowing each other but were constantly working together. The summer before Isabel’s senior year, she and Kevin started to grow close and hang out. From there, a friendship turned into a relationship.

Kevin and Isabel had talked about getting engaged and both wanted to get married before Isabel left for my military training. When they got the news that the training would mean leaving in February, Kevin started to plan fancy dates to throw Isabel off the scent of when the real proposal would be. For one of the dates, they went to cut down their Christmas tree. When they were at the tree farm, Kevin got down on one knee to “tie his shoe”. Needless to say, this was not a funny joke to Isabel.

One night, Kevin had the plan to take Isabel out to a nice dinner and then the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo. Isabel’s mom and sister kept saying, “Oh, tonight’s the night!” Isabel said, “I had to assure them I’d been down this road before and he’d more than likely do it in a Walmart so I wouldn’t expect it. So, we go on the date (which was absolutely wonderful) and we get home then my mom calls me, asking if it happened. And, I told her again, it had not and wasn’t going to happen tonight. Once I was off the phone, Kevin had me sit on the couch because he wanted to show me something he made for me. He sets his computer up to the tv and a slideshow starts playing. In this video, it has every photo of me from my freshman to senior year in ROTC. After the slideshow, the screen faded black, and then there became a slideshow with just photos of Kevin and me throughout our time together. At the end of the video is when Kevin got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My mom was very happy about the phone call she received that night.”

Their rustic wedding featured lots of lanterns and greenery and featured a color palette of burgundy, navy, ivory, eucalyptus, and soft pinks. One of the main features of the reception was a beer pong table and the couple also had a sparkler exit to end the night. My favorite part of the whole day was that the couple reserved the last song just for the two of them, and excused their guests outside to get ready for their grand exit while the two just danced together alone. It’s one of my favorite things to see a couple do at the end of the night! Isabel and Kevin, I wish you two the very best!

Ceremony and reception venue: The Barn at Walnut Creek
Catering: Special Occasion Catering
Hairstylist: Creative Hair Style
Cake: McKiddy Cakes
Dresses: David’s Bridal and The Gown Shop
Florist: Ella Flora

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