The Biggest Mistakes I See Couples Make on Their Wedding Day

Your wedding day takes so long to plan and you spend countless hours stressing, planning, and organizing. Don’t make these mistakes I see made time after time on a wedding day

Not giving your photographer time to get the shots you fell in love with on their social media

You book your photographer most likely (and hopefully) because you absolutely fell in love with the portraits they had for you to view. The portraits of the two of you are ultimately what matters the most. Therefore, the biggest mistake I see is not giving your photographer any time to capture what is important to you, whether that is casual photos before you’re in your dress, salon photos, detail photos of your dress, lots of portraits, or photos all night long. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you need to make sure EVERY moment you want to be captured is captured.

Only having 60 minutes in between the ceremony and reception

You may have a ceremony and reception with only an hour apart and a larger family/bridal party. If your cocktail hour is only 60 minutes, you’ll be very cramped, stressed, and have a very limited number of poses for both the wedding party and the two of you. Not to mention, what if you run behind or something goes wrong? Extend your cocktail hour to 90 minutes if you aren’t doing a first look.

Not having enough time for the photos you want and need

I ALWAYS ALWAYS recommend at least 30 minutes for family formals, 30 minutes for the wedding party, and 30 minutes for a couple alone. We can, of course, break this up by doing a first look, having some wedding party photos before the ceremony, having a gap in between the ceremony and reception, or doing some sunset photos.

oak openings fall wedding ceremony photos

With enough time for all of your events (and a 10 or 15-minute buffer somewhere in your day for bonus points), you will be a wedding pro! 

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