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I recently chatted with Brennan Stanford, owner of Premier Pour Bartending. Brennan has been in the wedding industry for 14 years, providing mobile bar and bartending services for those venues without a liquor license and staff already on site, as well as backyards, homes, and more! They are also the exclusive bartending service at The Venues downtown Toledo wedding venue and The Rapids at Campfire wedding and event venue. I can’t wait to share what I learned with you below!:

Tell us about Premier Pour Bartending

We are a mobile bar and bartending service! We provide beverage catering for weddings, private parties, corporate events, and much more. 

Our custom mobile bars, flexibility, and ability to create great cocktails along with a unique experience are our strong points. As of this year, we have added some fun customization options, and we have more fun new things coming! Our staff is also the life of the party. We bring a professional, yet fun and enjoyable team of bartenders that are sure to make certain any event goes smoothly. All of our bartenders are also ServSafe or TIPS certified.

Why did you get into weddings?

It just kinda fit. I was bartending in college and had a couple regulars ask me to handle their weddings. It was on from there! My dad was also a mobile disc jockey, so I guess weddings and events have always been in my blood.

What are some common questions you get asked by couples?

We commonly get asked about cash bars, doing shots at weddings, and how to properly stock the bar. Due to Ohio liquor laws, at a venue without a liquor license on-site, you are unable to host a cash bar. The only way to obtain a temporary license for a function to host a cash bar is if the organization is a 501c3 non-profit.

Our policy is to not allow shots, drinking games, or promote binge drinking at events. It’s a big liability, and you don’t want your best man throwing up on the dance floor.

We work with our clients to come up with a beverage plan and shopping list specific to their event and what they want to serve. Those beverage calculators you find online are so far from accurate that we cringe when people tell us they used one to plan their alcohol quantities.

What do you wish people knew about mobile bartending?

It’s much more than just mixing drinks and passing out beer. The prep time that goes into it, the cleanup after. It’s a lot of work. The bar tends to be the most visited place at an event, and our bartenders interact with guests on average 5-7 times throughout the night. It isn’t something you want just anyone handling.

How far in advance should a couple book you for their event?

It varies. We have people that book two years in advance, but we also have horror stories where people booked bartenders that backed out two weeks before the wedding and we were able to help. On average, people book our services 6+ months out.

Why should someone hire a mobile bartending service instead of using a friend?

Too many times, friends, relatives, and other bartenders have backed out right before the event, leaving them scrambling.

What’s an average amount a couple can expect to spend with you?

All of our pricing is specific to the event, as there are numerous considerations that go into our pricing (bartenders, equipment needed, hours, etc.). Compared to venues that charge $25-35/person for an open bar, they are able to get our services, plus provide their own alcohol, for half the price (or less).

What advice do you have for a couple looking for someone like you?

Hire a professional! Alcohol service is the largest liability when it comes to any event, and not having a professional staff can have consequences.

How can a couple get ahold of you for more information?

Our website is a great starting point and we have a quote request form built in – Other than that, our office number is 419.740.0513 and email

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