Toledo Botanical Garden Location Guide

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Toledo Botanical Garden is a VERY popular location for photos, especially during weekends in the fall. I love the beauty of this Metropark during the weekdays and it is absolutely beautiful year-round. There are so many amazing places to explore with two sides to this park (The Main entrance at Elmer Drive and the Bancroft Entrance by the Perennial Garden) and I wanted to share some of my favorite photos and locations from the last 10 years I have been photographing engagements and weddings.

Fun fact about Toledo Botanical Garden to know in advance: It is the only Metropark in the area that does not allow dogs.

The Best Photo Locations at Toledo Botanical garden

Let me break down some of my favorite spots for you at Toledo Botanical Garden:

The Arches

A beautiful sculpture resides on the grounds of  Toledo Botanical Garden featuring metal arches. The sculpture, titled “Small Park with Arches”, is a work of art by artist Alice Adams. Available to be used as a backdrop for wedding ceremonies, this is also a nice spot for an engagement session (although this is also some sort of spot for Pokemon Go, FYI). The arches can be used for ceremonies from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. to dark and it costs $400 to rent. More information can be found here.


To have a reception here in a tent, Sycamore Allee is a stretch of trees and grass available for a reception. I had a tented wedding here, located directly between the parking lot and the arches, and it was beautiful. It is $3500 to rent the land space for Sycamore Allee and more information can be found here.

The Lawn by the Gazebo

The Gazebo is a beautiful location to have a wedding ceremony or take a few photos. Conveniently right next to the parking lot in the Woodland Garden, it’s accessible to all of your guests, not a far walk, and features a beautiful pond surrounding the gazebo. Available for ceremonies from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. to dark, the gazebo costs $1,000 to rent. It can seat up to 100 guests and more information can be found here including availability.

The paths directly after the Gazebo

Officially named The Woodland Forest/Garden, the pathways, trees, and flowers in this pathway are some of my favorites. Due to the tree cover, this is a good location to take wedding portraits if the sun is still high in the sky and the light is not very flattering, but obviously works whenever! I use this spot almost every session and love it because it is not as crowded as other parts of the park. It is right behind the Conference Center and best to use between April – July due to the varying blooming flora at this time.

The Herb Garden

Right next to the Conference Center. there is a little stretch of land called the Herb Garden. I love to stop here for a few photos and get some more creative shots.

The Bridge between both sides of the park

A popular spot for photos, so if it’s open during a session, I suggest stopping for some photos here! 

The strip of land right after the bridge

If you’re walking from the Elmer Drive part of Toledo Botanical Garden and going towards the Bancroft side where the Perennial Garden is, there is a spot of land to your left right after the bridge that I just LOVE. It’s usually occupied by another photographer, because this park is small and crowded, especially on weekends, but if it’s open, I jump at the opportunity to take some photos here! It is GORGEOUS during peak fall colors and 360 views here make for good photos, which is rare at Toledo Botanical.

The Perennial Gardens

Located on the Bancroft side of Toledo Botanical Garden, the Perennial Garden is absolutely beautiful, even though it is the most trafficked area of the Gardens, especially for photos. Available for ceremonies, it is beautiful year-round. You’re able to have an outdoor ceremony here from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. to dark and it costs $1,000 to reserve. It holds up to 100 guests, but I recommend notifying guests that there is quite a long walk from the Elmer Drive parking lot to the Gardens, so lots of signage will be required directing your guests to this location. Here is more information including availability for the Perennial Gardens at Toledo Botanical Garden.

Grand Allee

A large row of trees that turn yellow in the fall, this is a popular pathway with 2 sets of paths with trees on either side. I love to take a few photos here and move on since it is so popular, but it is a beautiful spot to stop and take a few quick photos. 


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