Toledo Club Wedding Guide

Looking for an elegant and historical venue for your Toledo wedding? Look no further than the Toledo Club! Read more below on why the Toledo Club is one of my absolute favorite places to have a wedding in Ohio!

royal wedding inspired wedding dress at toledo club

The Toledo Club is centrally located in Downtown Toledo. This elegant and historic club has been around since 1889 and is in fantastic condition. They welcome all couples, whether you are a member or not, so very inclusive! Click here for the Toledo Club’s website for more info.

Who is the Toledo Club perfect for?

Couples that:

  • Dream of a classy and elegant affair
  • Love historical buildings and architecture
  • Are okay with a unique venue divided into several floors
  • Want a space all their own (there is only one wedding per day at this venue!)
  • Want a more traditionally decorated space (this would also be amazing for a Harry Potter themed wedding!)
  • Loooooove lots of ornate wood, chandeliers, and paintings throughout their venue

How many guests can the Toledo Club hold?

The Toledo Club can hold up to 250 guests and has ample free parking!

Where can I have my wedding ceremony at the Toledo Club?

There are a few options for a ceremony at the Toledo Club, all of which are indoors. For the most up to date locations, contact the club directly. Here are a few indoor ceremonies I have documented at the Toledo Club:

toledo club ceremony photo

What does dinner look like at the Toledo Club?

The Toledo Club is split into several floors, so toasts and dinner take place in a different floor than cake and dancing. 

toledo club wedding
reception at toledo club

Where can I cut my cake at the Toledo Club?

You can opt to cut your cake in the same space as dinner or choose to have a more dramatic cake cutting with your guests overlooking from the second floor balcony while you cut from the first floor. Both photos below are from the first floor cake cutting and you can see more of this Meghan Markle inspired wedding with Toledo Club reception if you click here.

couple bride groom cutting the cake at toledo club

Where are some spots to take portraits at the Toledo Club?

With all of the amazing floors, there are endless possibilities for portraits! Each floor has it’s own charm, the staircase is beautiful, and outdoors around the venue has some great locations too! You can’t go wrong here!

wedding photo of couple inside arch at toledo club wedding
toledo club wedding photography
toledo club sunset wedding photos
toledo club wedding venue

What do dancing photos look like at the Toledo Club?

I love the first floor dancing space! I am able to sneak up to the second floor balcony for some shots or stay on the ground level to get some epic chandelier shots.

wedding dancing at toledo club
garter removal photo at toledo club wedding
toledo club dancing photos

Thinking of an elegant affair at the Toledo Club? Awesome! Contact me today and we can chat all about your beautiful wedding!