15 Toledo Engagement Locations You Have to See

silver lake oak openings engagement

Northwest Ohio has some of the most beautiful places for engagement photos, but I definitely have some favorites after 10 years of photographing weddings and engagements. Here are 15 engagement photo locations you need to see for yourself (complete with photos from each spot!)


Marblehead Lighthouse

Charming and adorable, this small stretch of area has some beautiful large rocks, waterfront views, and some tree cover for a different view. It is not ideal for multiple outfit changes as there are only small porta-potties, but you could change in your car if your heart desires. Most of the time I find this location windy, so also keep that in mind.

marblehead summer engagement session photos

marblehead lighthouse sunset engagement picture


Maumee Bay

A beautiful stretch of beach, pretty fields, and a boardwalk make this a unique setting for your engagement photos. A little windy and no restrooms make this a slightly difficult location and I usually make a couple choose between fields/beach or boardwalk since the boardwalk is such a hike (but worth itttttttt at sunset). Sunrise and sunset both work well for this beach, but I recommend sunrise during weekends and fall months to avoid small crowds.

engagement photos in the water at maumee bay

sunrise engagement photography at maumee bay ohio



Avoided during Saturdays in October because it’s crazy busy, this Metropark features a channel with a small waterfall, beautiful fall colors, willow trees, and lots of water. A short drive will take you to another less known part that I have referred to my entire life as “The Rocks” that is actually called the Maumee River Ledges. When the water is shallow, this area has access on foot to some rocks and beautiful Maumee River views. Amazing for sunrise engagement photos in Toledo. 

sunrise engagement photos at sidecut

toledo sunrise engagement session by the water


Toledo Botanical Garden

Another location I will not photograph at during weekends in October (think weddings, family sessions, high school seniors, etc. on top of engagements), this location is large and has some popular spots including a hedge wall, beautifully landscaped garden areas, and gorgeous trees.

toledo botanical garden engagement session in the spring

toledo botanical garden engagement photos in the fall



A stunning Metropark with boardwalks, water views, fields, and a covered bridge. There is something here for everyone and honestly, this park looks AMAZING year-round. I don’t even have a favorite season here because it is just so good. It’s a large park, which means unless you have a must-have spot for your photos, we can go wherever the crowds aren’t!

wildwood engagement photos in the fall

wildwood fall engagement photos by manor house


Pearson Park

Gorgeous for fall. One of my absolute hidden secrets in Northwest Ohio for engagement photos! I love this park year-round too, but it really sings in the fall. It has this perfect field and tall grass along with gorgeous colors. It’s never really that busy!

pearson park oregon fall wedding photos

golden hour sunset engagement photos at pearson park


Oak Openings

FULL of spots to travel, Oak Openings is a park we can visit year-round and even on weekends. It’s massive in size, so similarly to Wildwood, unless you have a specific spot like “The Spot” (the second photo with the tall trees), our chances of running into someone else are slim. Dozens upon dozens of amazing locations await – the only problem is deciding where to go! 


the spot oak openings engagement session with couple



Realllly pretty year-round! I love this location for its Downtown Toledo/bridge vibes as well as it’s gorgeous park areas too. There’s plenty of room unless you want to be here on a weekend in April or October. October is filled with senior photos, Homecoming, and weddings and April is Prom. 

middlegrounds metropark location for toledo wedding photos

engagement photos at middlegrounds park


Toledo Museum of Art

Busy year-round, especially on the weekends, this location is a popular spot and is an extremely busy spot between May – October as well as any time it rains. There are marble steps that provide cover from the rain, a metal wall, and some sculptures and vines that give this location a very classic look.

marble steps toledo museum of art engagement photos


Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion

Part of the Toledo Museum of Art, but worth including on its own. This is an ideal winter/early spring spot as well as a rain spot. The entire building is made of glass, which allows for some beautiful natural light. There aren’t many places to go once inside and we have to be aware of the closing times and any classes or events, but it’s a great spot.

toledo glass pavilion engagement photos


Downtown Perrysburg

A personal favorite for a small-town feel, downtown Perrysburg includes so many cute colorful doors, brick walls, and all the charm you’d expect from a little city. Totally needs to be avoided during Farmers Market time on Thursdays and every first Friday of the month between May – October due to markets and events, but otherwise it is great.

spring downtown perrysburg engagement session


Downtown Bowling Green

Downtown BG is such a cool spot and a great spot for those Falcon Flames. If you met your spouse-to-be at Bowling Green State University, what cooler place to have your engagement session than where your love first started to grow? There are lots of cool spots here, we will just want to stay away from the town during events like Farmers Markets on Wednesday’s and Black Swamp Festival.

downtown bowling green engagement session


Downtown Toledo

Downtown Toledo has endless locations from over by Middlegrounds Park to over by Erie Street Market or off Adams Street. There’s the graffiti wall by Maker’s Mart and the Toledo Loves Love wall. So many choices!

downtown toledo engagement photo


Toledo Zoo Conservatory

The Toledo Zoo is a super cute spot and is a great cold-weather/rainy weather spot to travel to. There are admission fees and your photographer will most likely have you cover parking/admission fees, but the conservatory, in general, is a great spot with lots of natural light. It’s so warm in there and you can’t even tell in this photo, but there’s snow on the ground outside. Make sure to schedule an appointment for this spot, but it is definitely worth it.

toledo zoo engagement photos


Toledo rooftops

I LOVE Toledo and am all about photographing more engagement sessions on the rooftops of Downtown Toledo. We can pop champagne, eat pizza, chill in the back of a pickup truck, whatever! And grab those killer rooftop sunsets –  it’s a date and I’ll gladly be your third wheel!

engagement photos on a rooftop with pizza in toledo


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