When to schedule your engagement session

Think about the ideal time of year you envision your engagement session

We’re lucky that Toledo has four very distinct seasons! You have a pick of any of the four, depending on how soon your wedding is, and that provides lots of variety. I recommend anywhere from 3-8 months before your wedding and no more than 18 months before (you’ll look different or won’t remember the experience as much!). When the session is fresh in your mind, you may still need a small refresher, but you also had the time to process and critique the images. I always want time to hear your feedback before the wedding, so I never like a session too close. Maybe you weren’t sure if you were going to like the serious poses and you fell in love with them, maybe you didn’t like a certain way I did some of the photos (too many far away or too many close up, for example), or maybe you just got some awesome ideas running through your head for the wedding after the session and you wanted to share! Any time under 2 months is just typically too soon to process them and makes the process all feel rushed.

Think about save the dates

If you would, they typically get sent out 9-12 months before the wedding and you would want time to take and order those. Make sure to schedule an ample cushion for the photographer to be able to edit your images as well.

Switch up your seasons and locations for uniqueness

If you’re having an outdoor fall wedding at Nazareth Hall, for example, I probably do not want you to have a fall engagement session at Nazareth Hall too. But you might go for a spring engagement session in a different setting, such as the brick and cityscape of Downtown Toledo. Just keep in mind, some places have admission fees or set hours and we need to respect those.

Think about your schedule and what works best

After you choose the time of year, think about the best days and times to schedule your session. I limit our engagement sessions to mornings or evenings for the best light and our weekends are limited, especially if we have a wedding the day before!

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I hope these tips make it easier for you to schedule your engagement session! Need posing tips for your engagement session? I can help with that, too!

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