What to Wear for Your Spring Engagement Session

Looking for advice on what to wear to your spring engagement session? I am here to help!

Wear layers

The absolute best advice I can give is LAYERS. Think about an outfit as a whole and think about how an outfit will work without a cardigan, jacket, or another layering piece over top. You might find yourself getting warm as we are out walking out and about on a sunny 60-degree day, but you might also find yourself getting cold in any shade I place you in! Make sure if you choose a coat, that it matches the look you are going for.

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Think as a pair

Make sure the two of you are in the same color family. Think back to elementary art school – warms and cools. If you’re wanting to wear a pastel pink, for example, maybe put your guy in a tan sweater with a red collared shirt. Or think about something like gray where you can never go wrong. Just stay away from too much green between the two of you as we want you to pop out from the background, not blend in. With spring, there is a whole lotta green going on between the trees and the grass. Neutrals can be an amazing choice.

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Play with patterns

Florals are an adorable way to welcome spring! Be sure that if you’re wearing a bold, strong pattern like a floral that your partner is not. Having too many patterns going on does not translate well in photographs.

Dress to impress

I always recommend couples get as dressed up as humanly possible (Because when do you get to dress up? Never. And your photos look timeless!) but for those with two outfit changes or a partner who shoots down the idea of getting extra fancy, my tip with jeans is always to have the wash be very similar. It looks better in your photos to have a similar wash versus one much lighter and one much darker.

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What shouldn’t I wear for my spring engagement photos?:

  • Tennis shoes
  • Lots of competing bold patterns
  • Graphic print t-shirts
  • Out of season clothes such as fall colors
  • Clothing that has a disconnect when paired with the other person’s clothes (super formal and super casual paired together)

I hope this blog serves as a great guide for putting your spring engagement session outfit together!

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