What to Wear for Your Winter Engagement Session

Whether you’re braving the cold for the entire session or popping inside and then outside, here are some winter outfit ideas for your engagement session! 

Have a cute coat

Really, truly think about your coat. You want to wear a coat that you don’t mind being in photos. Some couples are so surprised when I want to photograph them in coats, but then say they’re too cold without them! I don’t want to solely photograph you in your coat, of course, but it can be a different element similar to an outfit change or a cute photo to capture when you’re holding hands and walking away from the camera. Think about your outfit as a whole and how it will photograph. 

Layers rock

Sweaters, vests, boots, cute hats, mittens, and tons of layers are what I always recommend to couples that get stuck with what to wear for their session. I want to showcase and embrace the winter season we are in and not have you out of place in a sleeveless dress freezing your ass off! It just doesn’t make sense! Even if the weather is warmer and there isn’t snow, we are going to have bare trees and you will be able to tell that it’s winter in Ohio. 

snowy engagement photos toledo

Wear seasonal colors

Think deeper colors that remind you of wintertime. Plums, reds, and navy (really any jewel-toned color) are always great options! White is always a classic option that looks beautiful in the snow. 

Get fancy

I always recommend couples get as dressed up as humanly possible (Because when do you get to dress up? Never. And your photos look timeless!) but for those with two outfit changes or a partner who shoots down the idea of getting extra fancy, my tip with jeans is always to have the wash be very similar. It looks better in your photos to have a similar wash versus one much lighter and one much darker.


What are some no’s when it comes to winter engagement photos?:

  • Tennis shoes
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Competing patterns between you both
  • Graphic print t-shirts
  • Out-of-season clothes such as summer colors
  • Clothing that has a disconnect when paired with the other person’s clothes.

I hope this blog serves as a great guide for putting your winter engagement session outfit together!

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