What to Wear to Get Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Done?

Looking for something to wear before you get dressed for your wedding day? I’ve got you!

A Robe

Robes are adorable, come in lots of styles, colors, and can be embroidered with “Bride” on the back, and can even be cutesy and floral. You’ll be appropriately covered (you can wear leggings or yoga pants while getting your hair/makeup done if your bare legs make you feel awkward) and you can even gift them to your bridesmaids. Just be sure to get ones that are a little longer if you have taller ladies so that when they remove their pants, it doesn’t get weird!

A Button Down

The typical go-to tradition is a button-down shirt and shorts. Practical and modest and easy to find! You can’t go wrong with this look.

Oversized Tees

Oversized tees with large necklines. Think more slub/relaxed tees that you’re confident will do the job. Can be cute and stylish and look more *you* if robes or button-downs aren’t your thing.

Make sure whatever you choose can possibly get hairspray/a little makeup on it. You wouldn’t want to take one of your future husband’s work button-downs, for example, in case something happened. Between the mimosas and any snacks and the festivities, something could happen.

Whatever you choose, choose something that will photograph well. A balled-up tee, robe, or button-down be wrinkled on your body and in the photos. Feel free to choose a bride-like color palette or go with one of your colors….you could do white, ivory, light pink, light blue for your something blue, etc. There are so many options. The floral is also adorable!

Good luck…I can’t wait to photograph the getting-ready festivities! It’s always so much fun!

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