Where To Get Ready For My Wedding

Here are some suggestions on where to get ready on your wedding day:

Ditch the church basement

First thing is first, just say no to a church basement or nursery. I know it’s convenient when you’re already at the church and do not have to travel, but they’re never pretty. You want a room with lots of natural light and beautiful places to photograph you and your bridesmaids, your details, and your dress. If your church has a room specifically for getting ready that’s updated and beautiful, that’s a different story, of course!

detroit wedding photography

Consider a hotel

Hotels are an AMAZING place to get ready. Everyone can meet there, you can plan on having that be the hotel that night after the wedding ends, and they’re always simple, neutral, and have lots of beautiful light! They’re my top choice when it comes to getting ready.

Find a friend with a good space

Not feeling a hotel or is a hotel too far away? Consider a parent’s house, a relative’s house, a friend’s house, etc. They have lots of beautiful settings, natural light, and we can work with what we have! I find some beautiful outdoor areas to hang your dress or places for portraits after you’re dressed and ready.

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Wherever you decide to get ready, don’t stress! Be prepared for little things to go wrong and just let them roll off your back. Everything will work out and you’ll be getting married no matter what! Just remember that that is the most important thing, not something bad happening like someone bringing a plus one or your flowers being the wrong color. It’s still your special day!

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