Why NOW is the best time to plan your 2021 wedding

During this stressful and unprecedented time, I wanted to share my thoughts as a wedding photographer on why I feel planning your 2021 wedding should be on your to-do list along with that Netflix show you’ve been wanting to binge:

So, here’s what happening for 2020 couples faced with rescheduling due to this pandemic. They’re moving their spring and summer weddings to late summer, fall, and early winter. That’s where most of mine are at right now. 11 in total (and if my June and July start moving, that is 11 more). And those potential 22 couples (and all other couples locally that are moving due to the virus) are having to work with all of their vendors to keep all of their deposits and transfer those deposits to a new date that works for everyone. That’s easier for some (multiple team companies like DJ’s or a cake artist that can just order your ingredients and create a beautiful design a few months later than expected originally)

Since so many couples are moving, it is causing weddings to be moved to Friday and Sunday dates instead of an ideal Saturday for many. Some couples do not want to move to a Friday or Sunday, so they’re pushing their wedding back an entire year, or maybe spring 2021.

What that means for you is having to be on top of things way earlier than you might have been planning to secure your ideal venue, photographer, planner, etc. Because those vendors are going to have overflow from 2020 that is creeping into 2021. This has unheard of in the vendor world and I really anticipate 2021 being jam-packed, especially spring and summer. 2022 might even have some sort of ripple from this as couples wanting a certain

If you’re able at this time, lock down some vendors ASAP. If you’re needing a photographer still, remember that you’ll have to wait for your engagement session until social distancing and the stay at home order is dissolved. Weekends will almost be non-existent as far as engagement session availability goes since vendors will be busy fitting all of their weddings into the months of June/July – December versus having the entire year spread out. 

If you can’t commit to a full down payment on a vendor right now, see if they’ll do payments. Maybe they will allow you to split it into 2 or 4 payments so you can reserve your date.

Your wedding planning is going on during some crazy shit, and we appreciate you planning in advance in order to choose your perfect day, vendors, and time of year (something many couples this year can’t do)!


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