What to Do an Hour Before You Walk Down the Aisle

The moments leading up to walking down the aisle are some of the most stressful and can be chaotic at times. They are when I see people make the biggest mistakes because of nerves, like making sure vows are in hand and rings are ready to go. I want to guide you through how to make it the last 60 minutes before your wedding so you show up to your day happy and excited, not stressed and worried! 

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  1. Make sure if coming from a salon to be at your getting ready location (church, room for you at the venue, etc) 60 mins prior to the ceremony. It’s way less stressful to be early and sit there than it is to be rushing and possibly holding up the ceremony start time. 
  2. When you get to the getting ready location or while driving to the getting ready location from the salon, EAT. Even if you’re nervous, don’t feel hungry, etc, EAT. Even a few bites. As much as you can handle. Because after your ceremony will be a blur of photos and some alcohol before you get to sit down again and you need some food in you. 
  3. Use the restroom. Right before you hop in your dress, go to the bathroom so you don’t feel like you have to 5 mins before the ceremony when you’re already in your gown. 
  4. Have your mom, grandmother, bridesmaids, etc (whoever you want in your getting into your dress photos) dressed BEFORE they help you into it. That way, everyone is looking their very best for your photos. 
  5. Hop in your dress about 30 mins before the ceremony begins. An hour is way too early to get into your dress unless you have other photos planned. Your guests will be showing up 30 minutes before the ceremony to get their seats and get situated, so it’s a perfect time to get dressed and ready. I always tell my couples that once you are in your dress, you get anxious and are ready to go, so there is no reason to get in it any earlier than 30 minutes beforehand, especially with a dress that zips in the back or has a few simple buttons. If you’re worried about a corseted dress, aim for 45 mins before the ceremony to give everyone a little more time to help you. 
  6. Take some photos to make the time pass faster! Want to do a first look with your dad or parents? Do some more candid photos with your mom! Reveal photo with your bridesmaids? Let’s do it! 
  7. If your bouquet is in water, make sure to have someone dry it for you about 10 minutes before you get ready to say, “I Do”. That way yours and your bridesmaids are ready to go and won’t leave water stains on anyone’s dresses. 
  8. Have the important items you need such as vows, rings, and any of the items such as old, new, borrowed, and blue that you’re using. 

Then it’s showtime! Don’t worry! As always, I will help however I can! Whether it’s getting you into your dress (That’s me up above!), helping dry a bouquet or two, or giving you the biggest hug ever before getting into my place over by the aisle, I am there for you 100%! 


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