Most Common Wedding Mistakes

Have a stress-free, amazing day with these wedding photography tips:

Make time for wedding portraits

Remember that everything takes so much longer than you think (receiving lines, a bubble exit,  family photos, etc.). Photography is a super important piece of your day! I like 30 minutes for family formals, 30 minutes for quick wedding party photos, and 30 minutes for photos of the two of you. Most couples have an hour in between the ceremony and reception – which isn’t enough time to complete all of those things. Without a first look before the ceremony or a 90 minute cocktail hour, you’ll be stressed and rushed and not get the photos you were wanting!

The wedding day will be longer than you think

Something I have learned over time is that we cannot fit everything into 6 hours without a first look and a meticulous and organized timeline. My wedding coverage starts at 6 hours, which some people think they get away with, but if you’re not in one location the entire time and aren’t okay with a first look, you’re definitely going to need more coverage. Think about getting ready, photos with bridesmaids or groomsmen before, ceremony and photos, then how long you want someone there into the night and what events are happening before or after dinner.

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You’ll regret not having some detail photos

Another common mistake is not having me capture any detail photos of the hall before guests arrive or any getting ready/getting in your dress photos. Even if you’re not comfortable having me photograph you getting into your actual dress, you should still get photos of your best friend, Mom, or Grandma buttoning or zipping the back of your dress and all of those special moments. Everyone will appreciate them and you will too when you look back on them years from now!

Communicate and delegate

Another mistake is not communicating things with your friends and family before the wedding. Let your family know where and when to be ready for family photos. Alert certain members not to leave after the ceremony and run your photo list by everyone beforehand by emailing everyone a copy or mentioning it to them at the rehearsal. Communicate photo times to your wedding party and let them know when they can start drinking.

Sneak away for photos during a different time of day for a variety

Finally, another common mistake is not doing a sunset, nighttime, or sparkler exit to end the night and get a few more unique portraits. Ending the night on photos of the two of you is a great end to your album as well as a finishing touch for the day. Plus, you’ll have photos during a different time of day! It’s a great added bonus, but I never fully bank on only getting portraits at this time in the event of bad weather.

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