I just loved spending the evening with Annie and Dave for their downtown Perrysburg engagement session on Louisiana Avenue. We met up near Swig and walked over by Huntington Bank, Zingo’s, a few alleyways, Sheffield Road, and over by TrvFit Perrysburg. Annie and Dave loved the look of downtown Perrysburg (I do too!) and it was refreshing to be outside of a Metropark like I most commonly am. 

I first met Annie when she was an employee of Hensville. Her first impression of me must have been that I was a crazy person, because I parked with my hazards on near a fire escape (legally, it’s okay to drop stuff off there!) and took all my detail photos for the day’s wedding. When I went to leave that spot, my car wouldn’t start! So I had to walk back in and have another employee help me move my car. It was quite an ordeal! 

Luckily, Annie must have not thought I was too crazy because she has now moved on to BGSU doing amazing things and I am now doing her wedding taking place there in March! Her and Dave seriously have the cutest chemistry I have ever seen and have been together for years and it shows. I loved how much they laughed and just had fun together during these Perrysburg engagement photos. Their wedding is going to be so so much fun in March and I am thrilled to be there!

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