Unplugging for Love: How to Ask Guests Not to Take Photos at Your Wedding

Hey there, wedding planners and soon-to-be-newlyweds! We all know that weddings are a special time to celebrate love and create lasting memories. But in our increasingly digital age, it’s not uncommon for guests to be more focused on their smartphones than the beautiful moments unfolding right before their eyes. If you’d like your wedding day to be an “unplugged” affair, here are some top ways to encourage your guests to put down their phones and fully immerse themselves in the magic of the moment.

1. Invitations and Wedding Website

Start by setting the tone early. Include a personalized note in your wedding invitations kindly asking guests to disconnect from their devices during the ceremony and reception. You can also create a section on your wedding website with a heartfelt message explaining your desire for an unplugged wedding.

2. Share Your Vision

During the rehearsal dinner or in the days leading up to the big day, communicate your vision for an unplugged ceremony and reception. Let your guests know that you want them to be fully present and engaged in the celebration and that their undivided attention means the world to you.

3. Inform Your Officiant

Make sure your officiant is aware of your wishes for an unplugged ceremony. They can gently remind guests to put away their phones before the ceremony begins, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

4. Create Unplugged Ceremony Signs

Designate someone to place signs at the entrance of your ceremony space kindly requesting that guests turn off their phones and refrain from taking photos during the ceremony. You can get creative with your signage to make it both informative and charming.

5. Hire a Professional Photographer

One of the best ways to encourage guests to put down their phones is to assure them that a professional photographer is capturing every precious moment. Knowing that they will have access to stunning photos after the wedding can make it easier for guests to relax and enjoy the moment without feeling the need to snap pictures.

6. Offer Disposable Cameras

If you’d like to give your guests a chance to be part of the photography action, consider providing disposable cameras on each table. This way, they can capture candid moments throughout the day without the distraction of their phones.

7. Embrace the Wedding Hashtags

If you want to strike a balance between an unplugged wedding and digital sharing, create a wedding hashtag. Encourage guests to use it for their photos, ensuring that all pictures are easily accessible after the event.

7. Express Gratitude

Take a moment during your wedding speech to express your gratitude for your guests’ cooperation in making your day phone-free. Let them know how much their presence and undivided attention means to you.

Remember, an unplugged wedding is all about creating a truly immersive experience for you and your guests. By communicating your wishes with love and understanding, you can ensure that everyone is fully present and engaged in celebrating your special day. So, here’s to a day filled with joy, cherished moments, and beautiful memories!

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