Maybe you’re one of those sad, sad people I don’t understand that dislikes dessert (or just plain hates wedding cake)! I get it, I get it, wedding cake is always thought to be this dry, flavorless, uneventful thing. But there ARE good places out there and there are good alternatives to cake, promise! I am here to solve the million-dollar question, do you need a wedding cake? 

Short answer to whether or not you need a wedding cake is NO! Some couples just do not want cake! Totally fine. Just replace your cake with a dessert bar including pies, macaroons, dessert-flavored popcorn, cookies, brownies, donuts, you name it! There are so many cool trends popping up (hello, waffle cake) and you just need to make it your own. I have seen a couple whose family brought desserts to every wedding as a potluck, a pie dessert station, an assortment of a little of everything, a macaroon tower, ice cream, and a popcorn station. There are honestly so many cool things to do for your guests that will keep them talking for years to come!



Locally, we have so many great recommendations for wedding desserts in Toledo: 

7 Little Cupcakes
Eston’s Bakery
Macqueens Apple Orchard (mmmmm blueberry donuts)


I could go on and on about the amazing people I have worked with! It really does get your guests talking and they get to enjoy themselves. Dessert bars with multiple options are a great way for guests to grab a little bit of everything or a big slice of their absolute favorite thing. And, incorporating family for a dessert potluck is a fun tradition to start for every major event. 

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