Perrysburg Mr. Freeze Wedding Photos

In a world where high school romances often flicker out like shooting stars, Jenna and Anthony’s love story stands as a testament to the enduring power of young love. Their journey began at a high school football game and blossomed into something truly magical over the years.

The turning point in their love story came years down the road on a Christmas Eve that would forever be etched in their hearts. Anthony had a plan, and it involved more than just festive decorations and holiday cheer. A few days before the big moment, he took Jenna’s father to dinner, seeking his blessing for the upcoming marriage. With a father’s heartfelt approval in hand, Anthony was ready to make this Christmas Eve truly special.

However, as the holiday drew closer, their joy was tempered by worry. Jenna’s father had tested positive for COVID-19, and uncertainty clouded their plans. Would Jenna even be able to come home for the holidays? In the midst of a challenging situation, love found a way. Jenna made it back, and they decided to exchange gifts at her family’s home, all wearing masks to protect one another. As the family finished their gift exchange, Anthony seized the moment.

“Wait, I have one more gift,” he said, catching Jenna by surprise. He got down on one knee in front of the twinkling Christmas tree, a small box containing a world of love in his hand. With unwavering devotion in his eyes, he asked the most important question of his life. Despite her father’s quarantine, he was able to witness this touching moment from afar, a testament to the resilience of love in the face of adversity.

Their story, filled with love, laughter, and resilience, is not without its sweet traditions. One such tradition is their visits to Mr. Freeze, a local ice cream place in Perrysburg, where Jenna worked for years and where Anthony would visit her.

Jenna and Anthony’s journey reminds us that love knows no boundaries, whether geographical or circumstantial. It is a force that can weather any storm, even a pandemic. Their love story, born on the bleachers of a high school football game, has evolved into a beautiful, enduring romance. As they embark on this new chapter of their lives together, they serve as an inspiration for all of us, reminding us that true love is worth waiting for, no matter the distance or challenges life may throw our way.

Wedding coordinators: Bee for the Day
Dress: Bride’s Mother’s
Florist: GardenView
Ceremony: St. Joan of Arc Parish
Reception Venue: Toledo Country Club
DJ: Decorative Sounds
Cake: Jane’s Cakes and Creations
Dessert: Sautters Cakes
Uplighting: Mager Designs

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