From Firehouse to Forever: Stone Ridge Golf Club Wedding

Buckle up, folks, because I’ve got a love story that’s hotter than a five-alarm fire! Meet Kacy and Frank, two brave souls who serve as Toledo firefighters and discovered their blazing love for each other while tackling life’s challenges together.

Their journey began on one fateful day when they found themselves on the same crew, working tirelessly to keep their community safe. As they battled flames and saved lives, they found solace in each other’s company, talking the entire shift. Little did they know that this initial connection would set the stage for a lifetime of shared moments and unbreakable bonds.

Their paths crossed again at a friend’s party, where sparks flew brighter than a firework show. Kacy, the newbie firefighter, shared her nervousness about her job with Frank. His response? A message on Instagram that would change the course of their lives forever. Frank’s words of encouragement, filled with kindness and support, reassured Kacy that she was on the right path. From that moment, their conversations never ceased, and a beautiful connection was kindled.

And then came the magical moment that would forever mark their love story. On December 23, 2021, at the Toledo Zoo during the “Lights Before Christmas,” Frank got down on one knee and asked Kacy to be his forever. The date held extra significance because Christmas Eve 2020 was their very first date. The zoo, adorned with festive lights, became the perfect backdrop for this chapter of their journey.

Now, let’s talk about their wedding. It was dark with a touch of rustic elegance. Picture lots of lush greenery, various shades of green, and hints of classic black and white. Kacy was absolutely stunning in a black dress, while Frank exuded timeless charm in a cream suit. It wasn’t quite Gothic, but rather a unique blend of dark elegance that perfectly encapsulated their distinctive love story.

Kacy and Frank’s love story is a testament to how a shared passion can ignite a love that burns brightly. From their initial connection at the firehouse to the lights of the Toledo Zoo, their journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. As they are starting this new chapter as a married couple, I can’t help but be inspired by their love—a love that’s as powerful and enduring as the flames they’ve faced together. Here’s to a lifetime of warmth, love, and countless adventures for Kacy and Frank!

Ceremony and reception venue – Stone Ridge Golf Course
DJ – Decorative Sound
Cake and cupcakes – McKiddy Cakes
Dress – Atlas Bridal

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