How Do I Hold My Bouquet?

Here are my tips on how to walk down the aisle with your bouquet:

Hold the bouquet at your belly button.

So many times I see the bouquet being held up high, even blocking part of a person’s face! This is not photogenic and is not pleasing to the eye. Have it at your belly button with your arms slightly bent and relaxed. Wrap one arm around the person walking you down the aisle, or, if by yourself, have both arms touching the bouquet. Your arms will look slimmed down and you won’t look nervous or awkward if there are flowers in your hands.

Hold the bouquet at an angle so guests see the blooms, not stems

You want to practice holding the flowers in a mirror so you’re comfortable with both the blooms pointing the right way and your arms slightly bent with the bouquet at your belly button. You’ll look like a rock star!

Hand off your bouquet to someone else

Hand off your bouquet to the Maid/Matron or Man of Honor/Mom when either you are standing face to face and will need to hold hands to do your vows and place rings or choose to hand it off right after walking down the aisle and when your future spouse joins you up at the front. Just don’t be like me and forget to take it back at the end of the ceremony (oops!). I was so nervous and happy, I walked to the back of the church without my bouquet and my MOH had to walk with two bouquets…..whoops.

When in doubt, ask your florist!

A good florist will still be there to check on you when they deliver the flowers, so ask them how they recommend holding it. They’ll know better than anyone where the front and back of the design is and how often you need to water it, how easily it’ll bruise, etc.

Hopefully, these tips will make you feel comfortable and confident with your flower-holding skills. Because you got this! *high five*

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