Fall Heban’s Field of Dreams Wedding

In the midst of the pandemic, two hearts found each other on Tinder, kickstarting a love story that was filled with surprises and shared history. Little did they know, they were about to embark on a journey they had unknowingly started years ago.

It all began when she swiped right and initiated the conversation, struck by the familiarity in his profile picture. The pieces fell into place as they reminisced about their first encounter, which took place when she was the Director of Catering at the Toledo Club, working as the day of coordinator for his cousin’s wedding. Jarrod and his brother had cheekily asked about the pool’s location, but the conversation was brief. Jarrod, however, distinctly remembered the dress Devon wore that night.

When it came time for Jarrod to propose, he knew he had to make it unforgettable. Choosing the perfect moment right before Devon’s birthday, he embarked on a mission that involved a surprise engagement ring purchase from a friend (shoutout to David Cameron of Broerfreeman Jewelers). This daring endeavor was not without its challenges, but the staff at the jewelry store pulled off the impossible, ensuring the ring was ready just in time.

Meanwhile, Devon had removed her acrylic nails the night before the trip to her family’s cottage, unknowingly sending Jarrod into a frenzy. He reached out to her friends and coworkers, McKenzie and KP, who worked their magic and arranged for Devon to get her nails done without suspicion.

With the ring secured and the nail crisis averted, they headed to the cottage, where they spent time with Devon’s parents and grandfather, enjoying laughter and bonding. The next day was filled with tubing, water skiing, and a relaxing swim, setting the stage for the big moment. Before dinner, Jarrod began hinting at Devon to open her birthday gifts, with her father encouraging her to do so.

With a bit of a sassy attitude, Devon complied and opened her family’s gifts. Then came the twist – Jarrod told her that her gift was outside, and she had to go see it. A little confused but intrigued, she followed along, and when she finally opened her eyes, she saw the unmistakable red box from Broerfreeman. Overwhelmed with emotion, Devon said “Yes,” in front of her parents, cousin, and grandfather, creating a magical and unforgettable moment.

But what made it even more special was the heartfelt conversation she had with her mother just 30 minutes before the proposal, a conversation where they shared their happiness for her younger sister’s engagement. Little did her mother know, a secret pact between her father and Jarrod had been sealed after receiving the father’s blessing.

As for the wedding, they embraced a farmhouse rustic theme with a fall twist. Their color palette included terracotta, turquoise, burgundy, and hints of gold, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Devon and Jarrod’s love story is a beautiful tapestry woven from shared history, chance meetings, and heartfelt surprises. It’s a reminder that sometimes destiny has a way of bringing people together, even when they don’t realize it. Devon and Jarrod, cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments!

Ceremony and reception venue – Heban’s Field of Dreams
Rings – Broerfreeman
DJ – Signature DJ
Hair and makeup – Fiber & Strand
Catering – City BBQ
Bartending – Premier Pour Bartending
Donuts – Toms
Officiant – Elem3nt Chruch – Gayle Ruble

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