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Brigitta Burks is the owner of Ella Flora, a floral business in Toledo established 6 years ago. Brigitta has been in the wedding industry for 8 years and I can’t wait to share what I learned with you below!:

Tell us about Ella Flora

Ella Flora specializes in romantic, natural floral creations. Weddings and events are our primary calling but we also offer floral delivery subscriptions, retail and floral styling.

Why did you get into weddings?

In my past life, I was a reporter and editor for a newspaper. Even though my co-workers were great and it was important work, it wasn’t the right fit for my personality and I was looking for other things to do.

I wrote a story on a florist and event design business La Boutique Nostalgie. I thought the owner Heather was so inspiring that I asked to join her team. I ended up loving events and floral and have been in the wedding business ever since. Now I’ve attended workshops from amazing renowned florists and designed hundreds of weddings myself.

What are some common questions you get asked by couples?

Do you deliver, set up and break down the floral and corresponding decor?

Absolutely! We are a full-service floral team and pride ourselves on cutting back on wedding day stress for our clients.

How much do you cost?

This one varies person to person. Every quote is totally customized to clients’ needs. We encourage people to contact us for a free consultation. Afterwards, you’ll receive a beautiful, tailored quote!

What do you wish people knew about Ella Flora?

We pride ourselves on customer service. I make it a point to personally respond to emails and calls quickly, and address any and all questions. Each floral design is tailored to our clients’ style and needs so it really looks and feels like them on their wedding day. I make it a point to get to know my clients’ personalities and styles.

Every wedding is different and unique, although all reflect our romantic, natural style and attention to detail. One wedding may be autumnal boho with dahlias, eucalyptus, and wood accents in the forest, and the next week is pink glam with fluffy hydrangeas and classic roses on tall gold pedestals at a country club.

While it’s beautiful and fun, it’s also really hard work and a lot of physical labor. I love it for that reason – no day is the same – but there’s a lot of packing, logistics, prepping and hours on your feet. 

How far in advance should a couple book you for their event?

Anywhere from 6 months or less to 2 years out. I think 9 months to 1.5 years out is the sweet spot.

Do you have a funny story to share with us?

There was a wedding we were packing up where almost no one had filled out the “guest book.” Somehow, it just got missed. It was one of those painted trees on a canvas where the guests were supposed to use their thumbprints to create the leaves with an ink pad. The aunt of the bride was freaking out, and my husband, who was helping me that night, noticed. He and the aunt spent a while using their thumbs to fill in the entire tree. His thumb was so green! Not ideal, but we go the extra mile for our clients.

What’s an average amount a couple can expect to spend with you?

It’s hard to say because it varies so much based on the number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, centerpieces etc. I would encourage clients to contact us for a free consultation to receive an exact quote.

Also I like to encourage coming in with a rough budget and open mind. Even if the all-peony bouquet isn’t in your budget, we can make suggestions for a lower-cost alternative that IS in your budget and still stunning. We definitely work with our clients where we can to help them hit their budget.

What advice do you have for a couple looking for someone like you?

Select vendors whose personality gels with yours. You’ll be working with this person for several months and likely see them on your wedding day. You want to really like them!

Anything you’d like to add that I missed?

I feel so lucky to do this job and be a part of what is such a happy day for my clients. I love playing a part in my client’s special day and adding some beauty to it through flowers.

How can a couple get ahold of you for more information?

My email is flowers@ellafloraweddings.com or phone is 419.308.4559

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