Nazareth Hall Gabriel Wedding with Chinese Tea Ceremony

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the honor of capturing countless love stories, but none quite like David and Kimme’s. Their journey began way back in middle school, where David first noticed the cute girl across the classroom. Funny thing is, Kimme didn’t even know he existed back then. They kept missing each other throughout middle and high school until fate intervened in ninth grade through mutual friends in band.

Their love story endured despite the distance when Kimme’s family moved to Columbus, and David eventually followed her there for college. Fast forward through years of dating, adventures, and milestones, and David finally decided it was time to pop the question after 11 years together.

Their engagement was a series of near-misses, like the time David set up a scavenger hunt on their fifth anniversary, or when they celebrated 10 years of dating. Then there was the eleventh anniversary, a trip to Columbus filled with the joy of encountering Kimme’s favorite creatures, the seals, where amidst the distraction of adorable antics, David found the perfect moment to pop the question.

Their wedding day was a colorful celebration, blending their cultures and love for each other. With portions of the ceremony spoken in both Cantonese and English and a heartfelt tea ceremony honoring their families, David and Kimme sealed their commitment surrounded by love and laughter. Kimme wore her mother’s wedding dress from 1997 and looked absolutely radiant in it.

As their photographer, I couldn’t help but smile behind the lens, knowing I was capturing the beginning of their forever. Here’s to David and Kimme, whose love story proves that sometimes, the best things are worth waiting for.

Hair and Make-Up – Hanah Hamizadeh
Ceremony and Reception – Nazareth Hall
Officiant – Mike Millenbach
DJ – The Class Act
Cake – Eston’s Bakery
Dress – Bride’s Mother’s

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