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What To Do After Getting Engaged

What should you do first after saying yes?

Talk to your friends and family!

Let them know in person if possible because that probably shouldn’t be in a way that involves 280 characters! Announce it in a way that everyone will appreciate, whether it’s at a dinner, next family event, or just making your rounds in-person to everyone! They’ll appreciate it so much more than a Facebook post or a text!

Think of a time of year you want to get married

What season or seasons speak to you? Or, what season or seasons don’t speak to you. Maybe you love winter weddings because you won’t sweat, or maybe you dislike them because of the cold and snow, for example. Make a pros and cons list if you need to!

Reach out to venues and see what weekends they have open during your favorite months

Then, before committing to a date, reach out to those vendors that are 150% important to you. Is there a DJ you just have to have? A photographer whose style you can’t live without? A stylist who just HAS to do your hair? Reach out to those people before solidifying a date so you can work together!

Set a date!

The first thing after “Congratulations!” and “Let me see your ring!” will be “What is your date?”. Even if you’re not completely sure, keep them in the loop as much as possible! “We’re shooting for the spring of (year)” or ‘We are thinking next fall in Toledo” because at least they’re making a mental note of the time.

Think about your ceremony and potential rain options

Halls and ceremony locations can book up as far as 2-3 YEARS in advance! If you don’t have that long to plan, think about backup plans and alternative locations! Get a ceremony location and a reception location locked down with a date and you are already making tons of progress.

Get your ring insured!

You might need to get it appraised before you can get it insured, but make sure to add it to your renter’s insurance or your homeowner’s/renters insurance. This sounds like a boring task. therefore, many people put this off. However, you absolutely need to do this for peace of mind.

Start thinking about how you want your day captured photographically.

What photos have you seen that you loved and can’t live without? Do you like candids? Posed photos?

I recommend having your photographers at the wedding capture all the way from the details of your day before you get into your dress all the way until after the dances and events of the night are complete. Because after the bouquet/garter toss, we are able to get a little into the fun dancing where guests really start getting on the floor. Typically this is around 9:30-10 pm.

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