How Long Will Things Take at My Wedding?

I have seen my fair share of weddings over the years and I have learned over time how long some of the most popular things take! Don’t stress out about your photos, timeline, or day and learn from my years of wedding experience!

Read more to learn exactly what to expect for the big day?: 

Common amounts of time for wedding events:

Most ceremonies:

Add 20-30 minutes, 1 hour to 1.5 hours if Catholic Mass

Bubble send off?:

Add 15 mins

Receiving line?:

Add 30 mins to an hour, depending on how many guests

Family formals?:

Add 30 mins

Wedding party?:

Add 30 mins, 45 if wanting lots of variety (I usually just have time for a few poses)

Photos of the couple:

Add 30 minutes minimum

Introductions, Toasts, Dinner, Dances, cake, etc:

Add 15 mins for each event and discuss with your DJ. 

No anniversary dance, bouquet/garter, etc?:

2.5 hours after dinner begins is fine for us to end.

Including all or some of the above mentioned events?:

3 hours after dinner begins is fine for us to end.

Sunset photos?:

Add 10 mins into your timeline a few minutes after the “official” sunset time Google gives you to have a vibrant sky. To have the sun in your photos (think 10 mins before sunset).

toledo zoo sunset fall wedding photos

(Vibrant sky AFTER sunset)

bride and groom sunset rooftop wedding photo at fleetwoods(Sun in your photos before the sun sets) 


I hope this quick rundown of events helps you learn how long things will take at your wedding! 


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