The Rapids at Campfire Wedding Info and Guide

Engaged and thinking about a modern yet rustic wedding venue? You’ll definitely want to check out the beautiful space The Rapids at Campfire has to offer in Grand Rapids, Ohio!

Why do I love The Rapids at Campfire?

The two separate suites for getting ready are gorgeous and I love that you can have a waterfront ceremony or cocktail hour. The reception space is a modern blank slate for you to be able to transform to your needs!

The Rapids is perfect for couples that:

  • Love a modern, open, and updated wedding space
  • Want to get ready, have their ceremony, and then have their reception in one space
  • Love the idea of maybe traveling to a park in Grand Rapids for photos (super close!)
  • Want a space all their own (The Rapids does one wedding per day)
  • Want to choose their own caterer and bartender

How many guests can The Rapids at Campfire hold?

The maximum capacity at The Rapids is 300 guests.

What does the reception space at The Rapids at Campfire look like?

Where can I get ready for my wedding at The Rapids?

Bride’s Suite

The bridal suite is located far away from the Groom’s Room so there isn’t a chance of running into each other! There are 3 lighted makeup mirrors, a private dressing area, and seating areas.

Groom’s Room

The groom’s room has a separate entrance so you don’t have to worry about any run-ins with the bride. It features a tv, bar, and pool table along with hooks for suits and ample space.


There’s a great patio out back with string lights, waterfront spots by the pond that would make for a beautiful backdrop, and the nearby parks!

Thinking about a wedding at The Rapids at Campfire? You’ll love it!

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