Summer Wedding at Schedel Gardens

Liz and John celebrated their extraordinary wedding day at the beautiful Schedel Gardens. Before delving into the story of their serendipitous encounter, it’s worth noting that John pursued his education at Cornell University while Liz attended Ithaca College, both nestled within the Finger Lakes region of Ithaca, NY. As fate would have it, their paths intersected when John strolled into the local running store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Liz was employed. What made the encounter even more remarkable was John’s choice of attire—a Finger Lakes Running Company Shirt, the very place where Liz’s college coaches worked. Liz said, “I was so excited, I ran over and asked if he went to Ithaca and he told me he went to Cornell. I fitted him for his first pair of trail shoes there as he began to train for a 50-mile race where he raised funds for the Michael J Fox Foundation in honor of his Grandpa Burchfield. Over time we had a few more encounters before John decided he would ask me out at a New Year’s Run I hosted. He asked me to coffee on New Year’s Day 2019 and the rest is history.”

When it came time for John to propose, he wanted to make the moment truly special. After considering different occasions, he chose Valentine’s Day, which coincided with Liz’s birthday week, adding an extra touch of romance. John said, “When I first decided, I called my parents and told them I was going to propose! After buying an engagement ring at David Fairclough, I called Liz’s brother, Dan to let him know I was going to propose to his sister. I thought it would be courteous to let him know first. So Valentine’s Day rolls around and Liz and I go out for a run together, as we love to do. It was cold and breezy out, but this gave me a jacket pocket to stash the ring in the presentation box it came in. As I’m pacing Liz through her workout, she starts getting frustrated with not feeling good. I cheer her up and try to bring positivity. On the cooldown, we start jogging back on the University Parks Trail toward Wildwood Metropark. I decided on the perfect time, as there was no one else within eyesight on the trail. I asked if we could stop momentarily and told Liz I would always be by her side in life just as I was during that run. As I got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of my pocket, everything seemed to go still and the cold February air turned warm. I asked, “Liz Schloss, will you marry me? I want to spend my life with you.” She screamed and of course, said yes. She put the ring on and ran 2 miles with it on the way back to the car! When we got back, we immediately called friends and family to let them know the good news!”

Their wedding colors were shades of purple (plum, wisteria, and lavender) and navy for the men with wisteria ties. Their outdoor ceremony can best be described as romantic, serene, and beautiful. The outdoor setting of Schedel Gardens along with the string quartet and the warm summer air gave a peaceful, serene vibe. It was a perfect reception and evening as everyone enjoyed each other’s company and danced the night away.

Liz and John’s wedding day was a beautiful reflection of their love story. Surrounded by the stunning grounds at Schedel Gardens, the day was filled with joy as everyone danced and celebrated the couple’s everlasting connection. It was a perfect day, marked by love, laughter, and the promise of a bright future together. Congrats, Liz and John!

Wedding Coordinator: Your Perfect Day
Hair: The Beauty Bond
Makeup Artist: Tiffany Andrews
Ceremony/Reception Venue: Schedel Gardens and Arboretum
Officiant: Roger Reece
Florist: GardenView Flowers
String Quartet: White Pines Entertainment
Videographer: 7th Floor Media
Caterer: 3Dudes & Dinner
DJ: Touch the Sky DJs
Cake: Village Patisserie
Wedding Dress: Belle Amour Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Men’s Suits: Men’s Wearhouse
Rings: David Fairclough

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