Your wedding day is such an important time in your life and the more you can dictate and guide your friends, family, and guests, the better! Put a little extra effort into your planning to have a stress-free return the day of.

Here are some tips on the stress of wedding planning and how to set boundaries for your wedding day:

Think about family formals and the colors of everyone’s outfits

If you’re worried, have a color family for family members for photos. Let them know certain “no” colors or ask to see their outfits beforehand. If you’re worried about being a bridezilla, just be nice and polite and remember that it’s better to see them beforehand and suggest something else than to be embarrassed or upset the day of because your mother-in-law wore a white lace dress. 

Truly think about an unplugged wedding

An unplugged wedding means having the officiant announce no phones or cameras during the ceremony and possibly having signs or an announcement in the programs as well to remind guests. The biggest frustration as photographers is documenting you walking down the aisle and a guest stepping too far out into the aisle and completely blocking my shot (or worse – your partners!)

Let your wedding party know what is expected of them beforehand

Let them know things like if you are buying their dresses, what shoes they should wear, what to bring the day of, if you’re scheduling and paying for hair and makeup or if that is their responsibility, etc. Also let all wedding party know when to arrive the day of and if you’re worried about them being late, tell them 15-30 mins before! Sometimes people haven’t been in a wedding before and need guidance.

Remember that sometimes people try to make your day about them

Alert an overbearing mom that you want a stress-free day but sometimes things are out of your control. Sometimes a mom tries and step in during the planning process (and that’s completely fine, especially if they’re paying for a lot of your day), but remember to let them know you want something a certain way (for example, a first look) because it is your wedding day and your vision. You’re thankful they’re such a big role in the day and grateful for everything they do, but it is the day you have been dreaming of. 

Hire a wedding coordinator

They can be a great middleman to help speak on your behalf when you’re busy and they can help build a timeline so everyone knows where to be at all times. Setting those kinds of boundaries and expectations can be everything on your wedding day. 

Consider a kid-free day

If you don’t want kids on your wedding day, indicate so on the invitations. If you do want kids, consider a wedding nanny agency or babysitter. They will watch the children and help facilitate any games or projects you may want them to do!

Use your voice and speak up if you need to

Speak up if you’re too warm/overwhelmed/ or would like to do something else during your photos. It’s better to speak your mind and say no to something (like maybe an idea I have) than to get through it being more stressed and overwhelmed. I would rather spend time creating an image you will love!

Have planning-free days!

Have days where you don’t talk wedding talk AT ALL. Take breaks and schedule time for yourself and time with your partner.

Remember that your day happens in a flash and that things will go wrong, be a little much at times, and fly by. Enjoy every single moment and don’t forget to sit back and take it all in! 

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