wedding pictures at toledo country club
  • Color! Spring means color – pastels, pops of color, you name it. Color can be incorporated into so much of your wedding from florals to linens to wedding attire for your wedding party.
  • Seed packets or something eco-friendly for favors – just make sure if you choose seeds, it’s for seeds you can plant soon-ish after the wedding season-wise!
  • Flower petals for an aisle runner
  • A floral feature wall or greenery walls for a garden-themed wedding
  • On that note – a garden-themed wedding!
toledo botanical wedding photo
  • Fruity drinks and appetizers
  • Floral ties or even bridesmaids’ dresses if you’re feeling bold!
  • You never know what you’re going to get for the weather, so I usually tell people to have bridesmaids in something where a wrap can be added. You can always take off a layer, but if you’re in long sleeves and it ends up being 80, there’s no going back!
  • Have a backup option if you’re having an outdoor ceremony in case of rain or snow!

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